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Anthony Pierre Oct 2020
This isn't news
It's Newport News
It makes you dance

Bill Bailey

And the moon walks
from sweet Virginia
never from Neverland

Bill Bailey

The first flight
In Apollo
blew up the night

Bill Bailey

Call it what you want
You can't walk on the moon
without the backslide

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey was the inventor of the world famous Moonwalk used by Michael Jackson
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
....  I’m leaving Neverland, never to return again,
I’m leaving Neverland, for real & forever man,

& this is not an attack, or any other act of aggression,
this is not an insinuation or malicious accusation,
no need for Mesereau to get an acquittal through vindication,
because the fact is, I still love you, Mr. Michael Jackson,

& I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I am for real,
never meant to make your daughter cry,
I apologize a trillion times,
now I’m Outkast, self banished myself like Lauryn Hill,

so Leave Me Alone, I told you I’m sorry Ms. Jackson,
& if truth be told, I still love you Mr. Jackson,

I still love you Michael Jackson,

& I’ll tell you what I think happened,
I think you were robbed of your childhood when young,
& your whole life you only wished to have one,
so you could feel safe enough to play & have fun,
& the only way to ever have the childhood you never had,
was to create your own sanctum paradise & call it Neverland,
with a ferris wheel carousel fairies trains giraffes & elephants,
your own fairytale so you’d never have to grow up, Peter Pan,

& you were so pure & kind & innocent,
& you really just wanted to play,
but over assumptive suspicious judgmental perverse minds,
made accusations called you strange & put you on display,

there is nothing worse than false accusations,
placed on an innocent man in an abrasive way, ...

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #27 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available on Amazon here:

and if you've read this far I'd like to show my appreciation by buying you a copy of THHT3 from Amazon myself, seriously, I will give it to you for free. Just send me a Message here or on IG @aaronlaux

Logan Robertson Aug 2018
Michael Jackson sang Billy Jean
Made the audience swoon and preen
There his hands stood
Dare he knocks on wood
A grab of crotch departs of his gene

Logan Robertson

jonni inferno May 2018
a cheeky ****
she wooed me heart
an' fain 'twould see me face

“A glimpse dear sir
of thy fair visage sir,
a glimpse but to inspire.”

yet when she saw
the pic i sent
she thought i had

for the cheeky tarts...

pic poem
for full effect - i highly recommend the Pic Poem
use the link to open the image in a browser tab
Martin Narrod Feb 2018
When is your lavender infusion enough for serving to guests, combustible enough for the summer months, could it make us invincible to poverty? It made Jackson ******* paint the future with sticks, and made Mike Jackson fill a house with unofficially adopted toddlers and children, maybe it’ll make us go out on a limb, we could chill it with ice cubes and serve it with lemon. I’m not sure if it’s the lavender talking or the infusion you see, but it might take several hours until the simple syrup can be poured into our lemonade drink.
Aaron LaLux Dec 2017
Chilling but can’t rest,
it’s chilling to know nothing lasts,
living in the most beautiful nightmare,
making peace with the demons in my night terrors,

still trippin’ on the man in the mirror,
lost a bid in an auction for a Michael Jackson self portrait,
made 10 times profit at the same time from BitCoin investment,
best way to describe me is a mix of emotions I guess,

getting texts from Budapest,
my favorite Lover telling me to get some rest,
it’s 5:45pm there and 3:45am here,
I’m in Sydney and she’s in Budapest,

I’m up all alone Down Under,
doing shows putting my emotions in prose,
had a show tonight where I spilled my soul,
right there on stage I’m such a clumsy muse,

but I digress,

still depressed that I’m not more famous,
even though I’m known as one of the most known wordsmiths,
writing my words in verses that are almost perfect,
found a way describe our vibes in a way that’s well worded,

my poems are more known than me,
people know my name but not my face,
been read over a million times,
still only have around a thousand friends,

still few really know me,
even though my words are read by many including you,
which is kinda like,
liking someone for what they are not who they are,
note to one's self,
if you really love someone take the time to get to know them,

was asked what famous is,
answered by saying it’s when,
more people have heard of you than you’ve heard of,
well if that’s the criteria I guess I’m famous then,

and now that I am,
I have to be careful to not let fame become obsession,

or I might go on the same road as Michael,
Michael Jackson,
light my hair on fire then die all alone,
from an overdose of pain killer prescriptions,

yes I guess I’m famous now,
or at least my words are,
because over a million poem have read my poems,
but I’d say I’m more of a planet than a star,

anyways I definitely don’t have a million friends,
only 1300 to be exact if you check my Facebook stats,
1300 real ones that know I’ve got their backs,
and that my friend is a fact,

because “I only accept friend requests,
from people I know in real life.”,
that’s a message you’d get from me,
if you requested to be my friend and don’t actually know me,

anyways where were we?

And why am I write this diatribe?

It’s now 4:00am,
my mind is wandering my words are rambling,
and I need to get some sleep,
because everything’s starting to feel extra strange,

chilling but can’t rest,
it’s chilling to know nothing lasts,
living in the most beautiful nightmare,
making peace with the demons in my night terrors…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
I tell them
what I feel
words cant explain
just heart can do
michael jackson's song is playing in my head
they with me
so im not alone
it's easy, the echo speaks
the lamps of the town are radiant
but you more
And I see you for the millionth of times
Gabriel K Oct 2015
You know I said I like you and ting for real
hope you're really happy
and I do
I do
all I'm saying's if I had a wish
a dream come true
mine would be
you'd get cancer
d'you know what I mean?
What are you’re leaving why?!
Not painful or disfiguring
you’ll still be hot
nothing like that
but terminal though
You said you were my forever lover
like Jacko
maybe pancreas or spleen?
All I'm asking's a painless but certain death
you know what I mean
I know you do.
I'm just trying to be honest
you gotta Tell her about it everyone knows that
Tell her all your crazy dreams
all I'm saying's for me
I'd be better off dead (you).
Because all that Wishing you the best is nice
and I do
but that's thinking about you;
for me
it's more desirable better if you = dead
I would rather you were in the ground
lesbian or quadriplegic
than watch another man have you;
that's nice isn't it
You are not about the future
you’re about now
the dance of life
all present and ****
but I want forever
let’s do it together.
For me.
DaRk IcE Jun 2015
As this black day is here
We all feel his presence near
All his fans coming together to give love
He is flying above, with wings of a dove
His halo is bright
Although, we try to stay strong with all our might
Remembering his beautiful smile
We all stop and stare for a while
Today we honor a true King
And together we shall sing
The void is impossible to fill
Your legacy lives on still
I know your up above looking down
So we promise to smile, instead of frown
Our love for you will never end
For that, our hearts will mend
6 years today that we lost a legend and a true king. He is truely missed, but loved every day. He lives on through us. We love you michael forever and always.
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
My mission in life is not too complex
It isn't to cause hate, nor is it to impress
It's quite simple, but only if you see it the right way
I try achieving this goal every single day
It's right when they say this world's too small for hate
It saddens me when peace is disrupted among a country or a state
So I try to start small but make an impact big
To get a smile on that face; Oink Oink I'm a pig
A smile on that face is the prettiest thing in this world
It will handle any object your life has hurled
Happiness is contagious; it gives everyone a reason to smile
It speaks volumes about you; way more than your resume file
To make someone smile or get someone's heart burst with joy
Is something I'd do in a jiffy without being joy
So get ready for this ball of happiness, it's coming to you
Together lets change this world and give it something new
So put a smile on someone's face and just see the satisfaction you get
It's like freeing an animal from a cage or a net
It loosens your burdens and makes you feel lighter
How do you think some are cured of cancer? Medicines? No no...Their smiles are the real fighter
So get rid of this negativity cavity
And spread around the positivity
So heal the world and make it a better place
Life is a group activity, not an individual race...
Thanks saachi
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