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Sep 6 · 232
dark river
Tiana Sep 6
Beauty is mystery
mystery lies in darkness;
That may or may not be visible to the eyes;
And it flows like a dark river
that may carry danger
but also provides for life;
random thoughts
Sep 1 · 755
Tiana Sep 1
Every darkness ends to a light,
whether the darkness
is visible to the eyes or not;
Aug 31 · 179
Tiana Aug 31
Let the limitless sky and charming nature
untangle your messy mind
and calm your heart;
And let your mind wander
how this enchanting nature works;
Aug 29 · 310
Tiana Aug 29
a little ray of sunshine
with a sprinkle of happiness
Can be found even in the darkest days
At sunflower gardens
random thoughts
Jul 27 · 305
Hues of love
Tiana Jul 27
Cherishing my love for you,
I won't allow my morals to get away
Cause I know you aren't far away,

Somewhere in my heart,
I won't allow you to go far;
beautiful hues
Jun 28 · 140
Tiana Jun 28
When all the lights get dimmed
And People are barely seen
When only their shadows remain
In this lingering darkness
hindering the paths as phoney ghosts;

When the moon gets shy
And sparkle of the stars get hidden
among fake lights;

Never-ending hopes start to sink
deep inside the heart,
When you get lost in this maze of
worldly abstract;
random thought
Jun 27 · 136
Tiana Jun 27
It all started with humans,
Who were unaware,
And ignored those who asked them
to be beware;

And now,
There's nothing left except regrets!
Words will not be enough to describe this regret!

When you realize,
You could've prevented it,
When you cry to the oblivion,
"Just one chance please! I'll fix everything!"

But that chance you never get,
And nothing you could find to console yourself is left!
Except pains and regrets!
A glimpse of regret
Jun 24 · 374
Tiana Jun 24
Seen enough
Stumbled enough
Tolerated enough
But still can't get enough
the way this world works
Random thoughts
May 21 · 187
Tiana May 21
I remember how I led your way
into my life,
Allowing you to make me blind;

I regretted but I also repeated
again and again,

Like a cyclic process,
You became a part of my life,
With trifling causes;

You made me hope
for a light
to save myself;

And while waiting,
I realized that the light I'm hoping for
is deep inside me;

Buried, forgotten and it was so long
That I thought it was rotten
Just like you;
Random thoughts....
May 1 · 407
Tiana May 1
Looking for that thrilling chase,
Where knowledge is armour
And passion is sword,
Where bravery is known as 'explore'
when adventurous spirit runs through your veins
Apr 17 · 326
Tiana Apr 17
I still remember that cruel summer
How your ocean eyes distracted me day and night,
Knowing you were so close
yet still not mine;
When you were so close yet so far
Apr 11 · 283
shades of emotions_III
Tiana Apr 11
But now I see
After the destructions hit me
That I was too carefree
That jinxed my own glee;
Study and me
Mar 19 · 147
shades of emotions_II
Tiana Mar 19
What happened to those
beautiful days?

Even though I know the answer
but my heart keeps denying
that painful phase;
When the heart doesn't understand
Mar 18 · 302
shades of emotions_I
Tiana Mar 18
Why I find it difficult
to calm my extremely beating heart
when you're around?
love or  a horror situation .….
makes you get this feeling
Mar 14 · 886
yet to be known
Tiana Mar 14
Everyone was there
But she was lost and alone,
In the realm of her own
she was yet to be known;
When you're yet to know yourself
Mar 10 · 247
Tiana Mar 10
It amazes me
That how good she is with her patience,
The patience with which she works
To make our lives smooth,
Care for us despite our attitudes,
Keeps herself sane amongst difficulties
and never ending evil moves;
A glimpse of her life
Mar 9 · 318
Tiana Mar 9
Can you imagine looking
down on earth from outer space?

And the feeling you'll get?
Yet somehow terrifying,
Yet so beautiful from far;

You yearn to go back
but at the same time
you want to stay back
And enjoy the ethereal sights,

Because deep down you know
that someday
you'll be back home;
Just some random thoughts
Mar 7 · 280
Tiana Mar 7
I'll make you my world,
But the only thing I'll ask in return is
For you to make me the star of your sky,
The star
Which will give you heavenly peace upon it's sight,
Make you forget all your frights
Even in the deepest of the night;
love in starry shine
Mar 7 · 664
Tiana Mar 7
I'm tired of being tired,
I want to just get up and move ahead
but this monotonous life  holding me back
with this strange force called 'tiredness'
when you're so tired and the weather is also gloomy
Mar 6 · 293
Shades of Emotion (10)
Tiana Mar 6
Sometime when I feel alone
And I don't know where to go,
Will you be there for me?
When you need that someone to be on your side all the time
Mar 6 · 432
Shades of Emotions (9)
Tiana Mar 6
To the world I'm a prodigy,
But around you
I don't know what to do
Think of a proper strategy
Except ignoring you;
Words from a hopelessly in love yet a confused soul
(P.S. Tried to write from a boy's point of view again)
Mar 4 · 1.8k
Shades of Emotion (8)
Tiana Mar 4
Maybe you're amusing,
Maybe you're funny,
Maybe you're beautiful
And maybe
You are too irresistible;
When you can't stop gushing part II

(P.S. Tried to write from a boy's point of view)
Mar 4 · 240
Shades of Emotion (7)
Tiana Mar 4
Even though,
I don't know how you'll look like,
I don't know how your voice will be like,
But I know
The sight of you will be like
a ray of sun in winter day,
The voice of yours will be like
the melody which I'd always want to play;
Words from the one who hasn't found his/her soulmate
Mar 4 · 451
Dreams (1)
Tiana Mar 4
More than thoughts,
These are my dreams
To explore the unknown
and rule my kingdom alone
As a powerful Queen;
Excerpt from poem 'Visions' you can find in my profile
Mar 2 · 817
Shades of Emotion (6)
Tiana Mar 2
They say the odds and she hears
But they don't know behind that stoic face
There's a girl whimpering in fear;

Fear to fail to establish her theories,
Fear for her beliefs to perish
And fear for her hopes to tarnish;
Remaining Words
Mar 2 · 221
Shades of emotions (5)
Tiana Mar 2
I hope that you would find someone
who'll love you like me,
And someone
who doesn't share my destiny;

I know I'd be broken to see your arms
around someone
who isn't me,
But I doubt if I'll go through that breakdown
Considering how soon
I'll be only a memory;
Words from a sad soul 😢
Mar 2 · 909
Shades of Emotion (4)
Tiana Mar 2
She was crazy and wild,
Just the way he was irritated by her
He would be at peace
whenever she smiled;
Cute love 😍
Mar 2 · 817
Shades of Emotion (3)
Tiana Mar 2
Your smile is angelic,
Your scent is sedating,
Your voice is melodic
And only for you
I get this much poetic;
When you can't stop gushing
Mar 1 · 442
Shades of Emotions (2)
Tiana Mar 1
These feelings are confusing me
day by day,
And maybe that's why
I'm trying to find reasons
to stay away;
Emotions of a confused mind
Mar 1 · 150
World's Canvas
Tiana Mar 1
Staying silent isn't an option
Rather it has became a habit for us,
The habit
That's letting blood , cries and greenhouse gases
To stain our world's beautiful canvas;
Let's raise our voices and let our actions speak for our world
Feb 29 · 295
Shades of Emotion (1)
Tiana Feb 29
You're a mystery,
You're a surprise,
You are a wonderful blessing in my life
That keeps me wondering;
Words to my 'the one' whom I haven't found yet
Feb 29 · 357
With You (1)
Tiana Feb 29
Because I've dreamt a life
with you,
That's more radiant than the sunlight,
More charming than the moon
when shining bright
And more magical than the aurora's
of the north side;
dreaming the life with my love of life
Feb 29 · 150
The Dream
Tiana Feb 29
Likings, prefences and goals may change
But it is the dream
that always remains;

The dream
where I see myself flying high,
Where the stars are shining and moonlight brightening
the amazing night sky;

The dream
where I see myself walk in style,
Wearing the uniform I've been yearning to earn
since juvenile;
About my dream of becoming an aviator
Feb 14 · 223
Tiana Feb 14
It wonders me
That how she understands me so well,
But sometimes it also bothers me
that her reasons are always right,
The reasons I don't want to easily accept;

It amazes me
How good she is with her patience,
The patience with which she works
To make our lives smooth,
Care for us despite our attitudes,
Keeps herself sane amongst difficulties
and never ending evil moves;

Once she was also someone
Who didn't know what 'difficulties' mean,
But today life made her that someone
who'd do anything just to keep
her family's life 'easy-going' ;

Sometimes it makes me angry
That how she is trapped in her
web of love for us,
How she sacrificed worldly greater choices
for the sake of our happiness
is simply unjust;

But she has my admiration
For how
She embraces her husband's family
as her own;
How sacrifices and compromises
became her structural bones;

She has done so much
Endured so much
Loved so much
That we can't repay her in a lifetime,
All we can do is at least be grateful
to that woman who saves our lifelines;

If I were to write about her life
and the amount of things she sacrificed,
I'm afraid words will fall short
To describe the amount of hardship
she endured ;

I've seen all the seasons gracing her life,
I've seen her through thick and thin,
I've seen her selflessly caring;

Though her inside burned alive
I've seen her putting on her best smile
Just to make our happiness worthwhile;

I've seen her loving nature and humanity,
I've seen her respecting opinions
without holding any grudge,
I've seen her boldly siding honesty
Ignoring criticizing whispers and
the comforts she deserved;

And I'm grateful to the Almighty
For sending me to her,
I hope I'll be able to give her every
happiness she deserves
Because she is my mother
The biggest blessing of all
I've got;
A few words for my mother
Feb 5 · 276
Tiana Feb 5
A night as young as us,
A pair of aqua blue iris
like a mysterious magnetic force
Drawing me deep,

Untangling the messy knots of my head
And relaxing me more than just a little bit;

My mind was at ease though my heart was pounding crazily,
That's when I got to know what love meant actually;
The feeling when I stared at those aqua blue iris in my dream
Jan 20 · 256
Tiana Jan 20
This is something I can't defy
That none can help me but I,
There's nobody I can rely
To help me
To console me
To encourage me
Like I do;
Self help
Jan 20 · 282
Beautiful Hues
Tiana Jan 20
Brighter than the stars in night,
Yet darker than the fright
Your smile is as breathtaking
as the aurora's of North side;
Hues of love
Jan 20 · 847
Tiana Jan 20
She's calm and quiet,
Yet fierce and scarier
than one's fright;
Jan 19 · 367
Dear Aurora
Tiana Jan 19
Dear Aurora,

I still remember the first time we met,
In black and red
You were gorgeous
(And you still are)

You were full of surprise
And the only precious piece
my soul recognized;

Your sight soothed my eyes,
As crazy as it'll sound
I was beginning to think
that you were some enchantress in disguise;

And now after a lot of difficulties
We got together
Just know if you're by my side
Nothing else would matter;

Even how much annoying
your pranks are
And how much bad your cooking gets,

You'll always be the Aurora,
the miraculous light to my darkness

Yours Only
Letter to someone he loves
Jan 12 · 134
The Ocean's Gloom
Tiana Jan 12
Look at the ocean
So gloomy and stressed
Look at humans
Who are ignorant of this;

Look at the life
Suffering in pain
The pain our actions gave
Everything to lose
But nothing to gain;
Planet or plastic?
Jan 9 · 168
Tiana Jan 9
When we're holding hands and walking on the shore,
The wind danced around us while I mirrored your smile
and held you close;

And I saw my lost kingdom in your eyes,
Then I knew you had my heart
for the eternity
To be precise;
Falling in love
Jan 8 · 231
Tug In Heart
Tiana Jan 8
I tried to find the answers
I already knew,

I was just too stubborn to acknowledge
that my once empty canvas
is now colouring with your hue;
Falling in love
Jan 7 · 229
You live Everywhere
Tiana Jan 7
You live in the stars
When I look up at the night sky.

You live in the songs
That I write about you in our
secret hide;

You live in the melody
We used to weave together,

You have and always will live
in my heart forever;

Is it easy to forget anything?
When I look around and see you
in everything?
Reminiscing lost love
Jan 6 · 315
Tiana Jan 6
The wide world infront of me
With a countless option to choose,
My heart craves for most of it,
I'll try my best,
What's there to lose?

From flying to climbing
and exploring space,
From studying stars and prepare
to reach Mars,
Observing the magic of lights
at the north,
A kingdom of isolation is what I want
To test out the magic I've got;

More than thoughts
These are my dreams,
To explore the unknown
And rule my kingdom alone,
As a powerful Queen ;

But I realized,
Beyond myself there's a world,

The world that is neglected,
deprived of peace and humanity,

That is being perpetually reigned
by extreme negativity,

The devastating circumstances that can't be understood
by the beings of the privileged society ;

And for that world,
Staying silent isn't an option
Rather it has become a habit for us,
The habit that is letting
blood and cries to stain
our world's beautiful canvas;

And only raising voice isn't enough
I have to let my actions speak for me
If I want my world to get rid of this cruel

And I'll let my dreams be that big
In which
The whole world can fit;

I'll be living my dream
While making sure
Others can at least
learn to dream;

— The End —