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Taylor Broussard Jul 2019
Are you ready to love
The girl with more scars
Than there are stars
In the night sky

Are you ready to care for
The girl with a mind darker
Than any Stephen King novel
Could ever hope to be

Are you ready to handle
The girl with more damage
Than a vase
That's been shattered a million times over
Taylor Broussard Jun 2019
Warm Summer Day, 2018
Sun on our backs, Wind in my hair
Sweet tea kisses, Sunshine smiles
Ed Sheeran and Slow dances
Twinkling blue eyes, My glimmering brown
What goes around comes back around

Hot Summer Night, 2019
Piercing words, Thorns sticking out
Waterfall tears, Red hot anger
Secrets and lies coming to the light
Your true colors showing as bright as the 4th of July
Cutting you completely out of my life
This is two memories put into one story formed into a poem about a nine year chapter of my life that I'm finally finished writing.
Taylor Broussard May 2019
Heart made of ice
Mind made of stone
His halo slowly fading
His wings slowly darkening

Skin made of satin
Hair made of cotton
His looks could leave a woman entranced
His touch could leave a woman poisoned

Careful when falling for this fallen angel
He's nothing but a dangerous devil
Under all that angelic glamour
Lies a wolf in dog's fur
Taylor Broussard May 2019
Determined soldier, soldier on
Keep your head in the zone
Don't lose your positive tone
Please pick up the phone

Drained soldier, soldier on
Long enough to come back home
Back into my loving arms
Please don't leave me all alone

My soldier, soldier on
Do what it takes
For you to win this war
Please come back home
My fiance is in the Army, and so I wrote this poem for him to remind him that I'm here waiting for him to finally come back home. To all of you in or who was in the military, Thank you for your service.
Taylor Broussard May 2019
I am a misunderstood girl
Not a lunatic
On the brink of snapping
Not a walking target
With a bull's-eye taped to her back

My feelings are greatly guarded
By barbed wired fences
Taller than the Eiffel Tower
By stone walls
Stronger than diamonds

I wear a merry mask
As deceiving as The Riddler
With yellow and orange feathers
And a smile of emeralds
In school I was always the shy, quiet girl and was often seen as a target for it. This poem goes out to all my fellow wallflowers.
Taylor Broussard May 2019
Scared to open these tattered wings of mine
In fear that they'll fall off
Putting on this dim halo
For all to see
Feeling nothing at all
But an icy darkness
Instead of my usual warmth
Whatever happened to
The holy angel I used to be

You took everything away from me
From my lock and key memories
That you sharpened
And continuously used against me
Down to the pure white cloak
That I use to wear so sacredly
Who knew that
I would encounter the devil himself
This poem is about a very dark time that I went through. For those of you who can relate please know this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

— The End —