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nidhi jaiswal Jun 16
every night you  come like an UNKNOWN
an go on morning like an UNKNOWN
what will i do with this dream EVERY NIGHT
you were not mine!
why do you come like this FALSE DREAM
sneak trough the DARKNESS of NIGHT
touching my skin!
rubbing me!
kissing me!
what should i do about this dream
that never happened!
EVERY NIGHT it come to my dream and leave in MORNING!
this poem is based on imagination!
there is no reality..
but still the best moment of someone dream!
which never true
only imagination!
Taylor Broussard May 2019
Heart made of ice
Mind made of stone
His halo slowly fading
His wings slowly darkening

Skin made of satin
Hair made of cotton
His looks could leave a woman entranced
His touch could leave a woman poisoned

Careful when falling for this fallen angel
He's nothing but a dangerous devil
Under all that angelic glamour
Lies a wolf in dog's fur
Mio Seanachaidh Jan 2017
The story of Marilyn Monroe is like a fairytale of sorts

She was a simple and shy sweetheart who one day let her beauty for the world to show

Everyone knew her name, her glamour and fame, the glitter and lights in her name

But no one knew the real Marilyn, her private inner life plagued with tragedy, demons, and strife

A mentally broken mother, distant and sometimes unfaithful lovers, and personal demons that plagued her in the dark

Marilyn Monroe herself was just an illusion, a well crafted mask; An alter ego to shelter and protect the sensitive and quiet Norma Jean

From a shy sweet girl to a vivacious and sultry *** goddess

Marilyn Monroe is a lot like you and me

She was a starlet beauty who was realistic and relatable

Tragically, she died and left the world; her name and life still a mystery to this day

Here's a story of a little girl who dreamed to conquer the world

Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe is my idol because there was more to the glitz and glamour, she was a beautiful and sensitive soul.
daisies Apr 2014
I was born in a Candy Land Hospital.
I grew up to 3 years old in Aero City.
I went to Mars Kindergarten.
And entered Cadbury Primary School.
Dad made a flagrant decision;
We moved to Hershey City.
I lived with my family in Oreo Condominium.
And studied in a new school; Corte International School.
Most of my classmates live in Oreo Condominium.
I Have three closest friends there;
And Sprüngli.
We lived happily until a car crashed in Cow Tales happened,
and my neighbour was known to be the victim.
Imma chocoholic. Anybody is with me? I love chocolates and adore them very much. I dreamed about it last night. It was a combination of sweetness and bitterness in a dream. I somehow empowered by the ambivalence of excitement and melancholy.

— The End —