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دema flutter Jan 2018
I keep having dreams of you,
and they're absolute nonsense,
you're absolute nonsense,
please let me be,
leave my dreams be
nonsense, but without you in them.
Kind of have been dreaming about a person for months now.. and I hate it. Nothing makes sense, why are you in my dreams?
jacarr Mar 2018
i cannot imagine my life without you.
i do not want to actually.
even the mention of you not being by my side,
brings tears to my eyes.
i love you so much.
it hurts.
i ask myself repeatedly,
how did i function before you were in my life.
and the answer is,
i didnt.
you bring a smile to my face when there are tears in my eyes.
you are the little voice in the back of my mind reminding me that i am beautiful.
that i am worth it.
you are the reason that i wake up in the mornings
and the reason that i do not sleep at night
you are the reason that i have not killed myself yet
you are the reason that i breathe
the reason that my heart beats
and the reason that i laugh.
i do not know
how in such a short period of time,
you have has this such effect on me
but from your smile to your cynical remarks
to your memes to the little freckles on your back,
i am more sure
than i have ever been
that i am in love with you.
Moonlight Sep 2017
I was never special but you made me think I was when you picked me from all the stars.

I never knew you could make me feel over the moon until you hugged me tenderly.

I never imagined that my dreams would come true until you came to me.

But now you have shown me how replaceable I am.

And without you..
I think I've lost everything.
I think you've found your happiness with her..
Be happy.. I want you to be happy.
Nicole Eden Jul 2017
body aches
skin feels cool
it's lost all its warmth
from not being with you
Ma Cherie Feb 2017
I wonder,
shall I beg,
get down on tired knees,
offer myself,
in some endless hopeful pleas,
an offer all my earthly possessions too?

Because I will,
you know it's true
I am yours,
and all my things are ours,

How do I know you are the "one"?

Because my love-
you are the shining of the sun,
you know very well,
my spirits source of fun,
and I,

I know beyond the shadow,
of a single lonely doubt,
so from the highest spot-
of the highest high up mount,
an for you I will yell it,
in my voices loudest shout,

I am NOTHING without you ❤

Ma Cherie © 2017
Eh....idk he's driving me nuts an we're not even together right now ugh!
every morning
I wake up
and realise
you aren’t there
every evening
I fall asleep
proud of me
because I survived
another day
without you
gray rain Apr 2016
Hiding in the shadow
no one can see my face,
hiding in the shadow
left without a trace.

No one hears my voice,
When I'm in a sound proof room.
no one hears my voice,
when I'm stuck inside a tomb.

hiding in the shadow
no one can see my face.
hiding in the shadow
left without a trace.

no one hears my voice,
crying in an empty room.
no one hears my voice,
crying without you.
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