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  Feb 6 Jamie
Little Bear
i own everything i do.
and everything i am
(good or bad)
belongs to me
i have never had such assiduity
in my own existence.

there is no wonder
in why
i choose to be the island
that i am.
  Feb 6 Jamie
Mrs Timetable
Wishing for a pure love
The kind that
Wants to make me shine
When I hear your voice
Wants nothing for itself
In return
The kind that walks on white
Warm sands
The kind that comes
In a drop
Of rain
Falling on the leafs dry vein
The kind that looks like
A child giggling while
Twirling in the sun with her tresses
Entwined in flowers
Respect enough not to force affections
Or expect it as something in return
The kind that teaches
The kind that learns
Pure and innocently
That wishes everything good
For others
While it waits for
Its turn
We all want the best versions of ourselves for others. What about for ourselves? Then you can see if its real.
  Feb 6 Jamie
Eshwara Prasad
We live on in other people's minds forever, like priceless or painful memories.
  Feb 6 Jamie
Anais Vionet
(Senryu-ous story)

I can’t figure out
why everything doesn’t
happen like I want.

I brush my teeth and
floss regularly, I wash
my roommates dishes,

I am generous,
I don’t run in the hallways,
I do my homework.

I support pizza
places, Amazon - I spur
the economy

semi-sleepless night
no worries, but tossing with
no sleep - what’s with that?

My health app says I
slept three hours, four minutes.
I’m low on toothpaste.

five-thirty AM
Lisa and I ran four miles
on the gym treadmills

Banana/ peanut
butter/ cacao/ oat milk/ chia
seed breakfast smoothie.

I've been in love with
styling dresses, layered
over flared jean pants.

My first look was a
tulle dress over sequined jeans
and tan kitten heels.

The winter hook-up
scene is in full swing - not for
me, I’m like second base

I just lay around,
in sad, unfettered, boredom
- a crying shoulder

for others, I’m not
a skanky *****, like [censored]
- try penicillin - ßℹℸçⒽ

Since, as you can see,
I am, for all intents and
purposes - perfect.

I can’t figure out
why everything doesn’t
happen like I want.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Unfettered: not controlled or restricted

ßℹℸçⒽ is NOT a word, it’s a set of Greek symbols - if you read something in them, well, that’s just coincidental, isn’t it?
I woke up again
which is
good news for me.

Monday has an uncanny way
of making me think that if I blink
it'll be Tuesday,
but it never works

I try to make the best of it
the worst of it is done when
realising it's raining and today
there'll be no sun.
  Nov 2022 Jamie
Second place hurts,
but I met you first.

It took a while to get here,
yet my heart raced first to the finish line—

winning you.
for AJ & Paige
  Nov 2022 Jamie
Blue Butterflies
I don't have the right to write you a poem
But let me do it anyways.

I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
I wish I had deserved one of your thoughts.
I was content, though,
Watching you from a distance,
While around you they caved the gold mine,
And all the girls tried their luck.
I was happy enough,
Knowing you knew my name.
I remember you
Not without nostalgia,
Because I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
To have deserved one glance, one touch.
But our threads got lost in the riverbed,
I threw my coin and lost you to fate,
That is why I let you go
And be another's,
And maybe someday I'll see you again
And be brave enough to say
That I took my chances and lost the gold,
But that someone I hope deserved you more.
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