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hallucinations Dec 2015
i try to block out the noise
with more noise,
and yet I am still drowning in it all.
i am sinking, and god,
somebody please help me
(i am finally reaching, and still there is no one grasping my wrist and pulling me out)
i am ready to be told that
i am  w o r t h y
of so much more
than the sadness that wraps it's claws
around the base of my neck, tugging.
dragging me down, down, down
“ i am ready ”
the words are uttered into the dark of my room when the thoughts turn ****** and red.
“ i am ready ”
and my heart beats a violent rhythm to these words and
i am ready, so please, if You are out there,
send help.

I AM READY ( to be more ).
will anyone ever reach for my hand?

hallucinations (c) | twenty-fifteen
hallucinations Jul 2015
if you search through the rubble,
you'll still find fragments of me
tainted by thoughts of you.
and you'll find me clutching at
      all of those could-have-been's,
      and its ironic when the things
      you live for, feel like its killing you;
      tearing you apart at the seams.

©  hallucinations | twenty-fifteen.
hallucinations Jul 2015
and i wonder when they'll realise
that there is a reason why
i am always three threads shy
from falling apart.
and i pray to god that its soon
because my hands are starting
to lose its grip.

© hallucinatons | twenty-fifteen
hallucinations Jun 2015
and i try, i try
to take in the aesthetic of life,
but i cannot see past the
parts tainted by the
filthy hands of society.
hallucinations © twenty-fifteen
hallucinations Jun 2015
so tell me again
how this ends,
is it with your knife through my chest
or your gun to my head ?
hallucinations © twenty-fifteen
hallucinations Mar 2015
there is beauty in a storm
(i promise to keep you warm).
darling, there is beauty in death
what are you so scared of ?
hallucinations Mar 2015
and i remember
how your eyes were so much
like stars;
all burnt out hope,
and dead-beat dreams.
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