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AF Dec 2020
he dug my grave,
you kicked me in it.

you're both to blame
AF Dec 2020
why don't you see that
he doesn't care about you;
if he did he would show you
how you changed his whole world
the moment he met you and
how you have been on his
mind every second since.
how when you smile his whole
heart melts and when you start
to dance like a maniac in front of
all your friends, all his worries disappear
because if there's someone as close to perfect
as you; why worry since there's clearly a
god out there that created you.
so why don't you see that he doesn't care,
why can't you just accept it and see that someone
right in front of you, already thinks the world of you.

- AF.
I guess I'm invisible
AF Dec 2020
I had a feeling you would do this
but you said I was different
I was naive and believed you
told myself if I treated you right
the way you deserved to be treated
than we would work
so I did, I treated you great and you,
you played me
you got what you wanted
and than threw it away
threw me away
I should've listened to everyone
I should've listened to myself

why didn't I?
AF Dec 2020
how did you feel, while I stopped fighting you off
and just let you win?
how did you feel, watching tears fall down my face,
and suddenly stop like my body couldn't
produce anymore?
how did you feel, looking at me weeks later,
seeing that lifeless version of myself that
you created?

         - AF.
AF Dec 2020
I didn't see it before I can't get mad
and say you changed because truth is
you didn't.
you've always been this narcissistic *****
but I was so caught up in my own mess
that I didn't see it before,
but with the distance I do now.
now all I hope for is one day you'll see it too
and change into someone better
because the world deserves better than
people who are wired like you.

AF Dec 2020
it took some time for me to realize; it wasn't about loving you, I just didn't want to feel alone anymore

- AF.

— The End —