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Katlyn Orthman Feb 2016
I can feel the tingle start at the tip of my tongue
I feel the burn in the pit of my stomach
The lightness washing over these heavy limbs
The weightless impossibility
The drunken bliss
A feeling I miss
With each shot I forget your face
Each drink of this liquid pain killer
Takes me a step away from the memories
That haunt me
I could barely keep my eyes open.
I was so wasted.
So drunk, I forgot my name.
So buzzed, I failed to remember my worth.
So intoxicated, I don’t remember exactly what happened.
All I can recall is the fact that I was so incredibly tanked.
Only, it wasn’t alcohol I was getting high off.
No, it wasn’t *** or ****,
coke, or molly,
beer or whiskey,
tequila or *****…
My mother warned me about all of those.
But she, among other people,
“forgot” to warn me about the living, breathing drugs;
the ones they don’t tell you about in school.
The tan, brown eyed, black haired ones.
The ones with the tender kisses after every hit.
The ones with the charming smiles and the sparkling eyes.
Those are the ones
no one ever mentions.
Although, they are the worst for your health;
emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual…
no one gives you the precaution.
And soon enough,
you find yourself
burned out,
dizzy and
because of this one fatal addiction.
The name of this cruel intoxication?
The Player.
The back of my head pulses
Rosey, warm cheeks under my
Very sore and sensitive eyes
ill wash my body and the soap
Dilutes my skin but
The toxins are from within
Days of being away
But i cant stay
And feeling as though in a rut
Shut the door
Alone time
I hit my head yesterday and this was the rambli ng nonsense that became,.
wraiths Jul 2015
i've never felt compelled to the idea
of being addicted, dependent on something.

but without even trying,
i've become physically attached to you.

toxins, narcotics, your grin;
what's the ******* difference?
Sarah Nielle Feb 2015
Tiny hands barely able to hold a bottle,
now drink out of one,containing toxins.
Tiny ears that used to hear bad words and coo,
now spit them like wildfire.
Tiny mouths that would be forced to take icky medicine,
now pop pills and insert drugs into their being.
Tiny eyes looking at life as a breeze,no cares in the world,now turn into
eyes that crave attention but don’t care what we have to do to get it

We are spoiling the pure bodies we once had.
People are sleeping around,
when I remember the worst thing you could do is hand-hold.
We take the things we had as kids,
and ruin them.
We honestly take the cuteness and turn it into ...
well that's for you to decide.
You pick if your morals are guided with a compass,
or thrown away like garbage.
Who am i to judge?
But I've also learned,these days,My darling..
This is adolescence.

— The End —