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Permanently placed
Heavily covered in lace.


Full of determination
Yet the lack of representation.
No sense of protection
High expectations
That lead to
Constant self evaluation
And even when you're good enough
If not better than
You still never are to them
They treat you as an object
You're not yet
But you might as well be
A wax figurine.
i Wrote this along with an essay of mine about the lack of woman representation in Congress, hope you enjoy it’s one of my fav poems I’ve ever written
As the days cling to night
Bringing over bright
peach crying skies
I swallow a mild sigh
As our eyes left contact
Our hearts stay intact
And react
To the songs we listened to while laying together
The same beats
Stay on repeat
Tugging at our heartstrings
Till they break
Having to shake off the dead weight
Oh lord please tell me this. is. fate!!

What would your ones last be?

Before you let out your last breath.
Ending the excess of energy in your body
Being released and recycled back into the world.
♡  ♡  ♡
And knowing, simultaneously having the same feeling,
we Will find our way back to each other
even if it takes more than a couple life times
to only find out that You were never too far behind me.
and somehow someway in any shape or form
You always seemed to be right beside me.
mi hogar es dentro de Tu Corazon
me acuesto en tus brazos
vive en Tus Sueños
asi por favor dime...? es esta realidad o un fantasía ?
this poem goes along with the painting done by bansky saying home sweet home, this is a random poem in spanish
do you ever miss my voice

our laughter in sync with one another

me laying on your chest
our scents intertwined

the way my hair would tickle your nose
As i sit on the damp bank amongst the ivy that can’t help but tickle my ankles
I listen to the gurgling stream, and she says to me
“Life isn’t always as it seems, but if you look at everything with a positive mind-- obsticles become easier even if they seem impossible…”
And the trees wave me on..
Their support helps me breathe in ever so deeply..
I’m alive, i’m alive…
The bugs cheer me on to peddle faster and the wind is here to cool me off
And as i let out a big sigh,
I’m not ready to die,
I am spaceless, i am timeless,
I’m not ready to die
I’m not ready to die quite yet
this poem was just for fun, i love to personify nature as if the little beings/ critters are my friends... inspired by a simple bike ride in the park and being able to simply sit by the bank an listen to what around me has to say
if love is a Flower
I want to be buried  meadow

if love is a sound
I want to sing it for the rest of my days

if love is an aroma,
I want to float upon it

if love is art
I want to live in museums

if love is pain
I never want to be numbed
                                                   If Love Is...
if love is a trap,
I'm willingly defenseless

if love is a mystery
I'm on the case

if love is a joke
I'm a jester

if Love is Supposedly Real then Why is it that You Live in My Dreams?
inspired by a quote " is love is the sea, I never want to surface.." something like that. I created this with help but I made a funny story. Inspired by twin peaks and the constant urge of wanting to love and be loved. It's okay to go slow.
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