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DAF Mar 1
lips like liquor
conversations always wasted
Rachel Glen Jul 2017
i wish i could describe how i feel,
when i look into your eyes.
like falling, i lose my grip on reality,
when my tongue gets tied.
if i could give you the words,
a key to my heart, something to be heard.
forever pushes us together,
hand in hand, stronger than ever.
Shrey May 2017
"I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary."
The last stanza from my favorite poem " Variation of the Word Sleep" by Margaret Atwood.
Ace Jeremy May 2017
I'm allowing myself to be tongue tied
Not to punish myself
But because I think I finally learned my place
Everyone has left
And for good reason

So I wait for someone to come to me
Someone who is willing to untie the knot
All it takes is a simple "I miss you"
But until that day
I will sit silently...

The door is always open...
And I'm easy to blame
So I give up my pride
It's all I really have left
Because God knows I don't need it anymore
Jo Baez Apr 2016
Another Hedgehog dilemma.
Tongues in knots,
overflowing words make like lakes inside my mouth.
Slit my throat, ****** waterfalls pouring down my neck.
Spell all the things I don't dare to say.
cassiopeia miel Jan 2016
these words used to spill from my fingertips like individual flowers from a downturned bouquet
but now they tangle on the way out of my mouth, and form knots in my throat.
i heave and heave and feel them tighten more,
no way to explain myself
no way to speak
follow by example and shove your fingers down my throat (like i have so many times before) and thread the needle
i am full of poison and this is the only way to get it out.
i write a few lines every so often and then forget about it until i go to clear my 'notes' tab.
Grace Radford Sep 2015
Kiss my throat,
and taste the words
I long to say to you.
Gwen Pimentel Jan 2015
If talking to you
Were as easy as writing a poem,
We would never stop talking
Alex Clarke Jun 2014
My words
to you
are like knots;
an impenetrable,
unless you
at them.
I know now
why they call it
amanda martinez Apr 2014
Lay my head time to cry,
  for there is little time to discover…
how the next dream may be comprised.
These are the moments no price could buy,
  for this love is so strong no time or distance…
could bare to conscribe.
Since the moment I first caught your eyes,
  it was evident to me…
from the way my heart replied.
From there it all unraveled & time fell shy,
silent poetry quickly written…
  an intricate chemistry so simply revived.
A graceful chaos of knots-never to be untied,
as our souls dance…
  and blissfully intertwine.
And now…with every goodbye,
the unsettling pain…
  may never subside.
It is as if the sun & moon have left the sky,
& I am left with the chilling darkness…
  for my soul to reside.
In search for a comforting place to lie,
I find bliss in the suffering…
  for my heart is obliged.
My aura cutting through the darkness-i try,
but these mystical journeys…
  just can't be described.
With you it is always worth the ride,
a precious experience-a vivid perspective…
  an inspirational drive.
November 24, 2013

— The End —