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Jett Aug 2017
We spent the time on our backs
engulfed in blankets and your computer light
and I slept while you worked
your brother made me a tv dinner
and i asked you why you treat me this way
on the drive home
I can't remember your answer anymore
but i know I held my tears until I made it
to the front door
Jett Jul 2017
Sleeping in your bed, next to you
For the first time
Is far more intimate than I'd like to admit
But the bobby pins on your window sill
Remind me that you are not mine
I am nothing more than a warm body
To slide into when you get bored
constantly reminding myself I am
Good enough, that your indifference
Is reason enough to walk away
But I don't walk away, I follow
The familiar path to your front door
And in a tangle of legs and sheets
I come undone
Jett Mar 2017
I’ve always had a morbid curiosity
about the way it felt to die
and if you really see
all of those moments
flash before your eyes
or does your spirit
soar towards a light?
do you go directly to paradise,
or plunge into purgatory?
do you find out the truth
about gods and men?
does death surround you in darkness
like a burnt out match?
It always comes back to
Is death really the end?
Jett Mar 2017
and i get that come over text
you’ve been up all night drinking
while I got ****** in my bed
I said, give me five. then, on my way

You answer the door and invite me to sit
and I cant remember how it happened but
one minute you’re lighting the **** for me
because my arms won’t reach and the next
I can taste the yuengling on your lips
and your hands are everywhere,
you know just how to touch me,
I’ve always wondered how this would feel

when it’s over I let you put your head on my chest
while your hands trace patterns across my skin
I leave just before we both fall asleep
this didn’t mean anything.
Jett Oct 2016
Fear is a curious thing
It can hold you in place
Or propel you into the unknown
But all of us have one
some of us even face ours
and some of us hide from them,
But another will always follow

Fear isnt always terror
In life or death situations
Fear is largely just a discomfort
with an idea or hypothetical situation
people mould their lives around
This notion, let it twist their vision
And harden their hearts
Or show them the strength of their faith
In man and god, devils and angels, themselves.
Jett Apr 2016
to end an awful year
I kissed someone
and ****** someone else,
he left bruises
in the shape of his hands
and scratches covering my back
just the way I like it
but the entire time i couldn’t help
wishing he was anyone else

Maybe even the tall one
with the pretty smile and
really good ****
whom I met on the train
or maybe he could have been
the one that ****** me standing,
holding me in the middle of the living room
all bulging muscles and dark skin

or the boy I’ve spent 5 years
trying to get to admit he cares
about more than just my small body
writhing underneath his
and I’ll continue searching
for something I’m missing
and when I don’t find it in a lover
I’ll disappear and search for
anything else to keep me
from getting too attached
Jett Apr 2016
I cant stop thinking about
The thing I want most.
Not money or relationships
Or a bunch of mind altering substances
Just one more moment,
To hear you say
“i love you, seester.”
i wish i didnt remember
How cold and hard your arms felt
Or the way your face looked,
Blue and gray under a layer of
Caked on stage makeup
I miss you
100 times more today
And i will miss you
100 times more tomorrow
I will miss you 100 times more
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