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Johnny walker Apr 12
If I had time over again I do everything just the same wouldn't change a thing In my
Not even the suffering of child abuse for If I did I would never have
met Helen who became my wife
and twenty years we spent as man and wife ended sadly but I wouldn't have changed a
And all this that's gone before just had to be for
I wouldn't meet this wonderful lady from
It's not possible to turn back time, for If could l would put at risk any possible chance of future
So I'll keep all that's gone In past so It doesn't put at risk any chance of a
future of perhaps a happy
I would not try to turn back time for It without change any chance if an happy ending
I woke this morning with a  smile on face for had a dream last night that my sweetheart was laid beside me
her head resting on my pillow and although I was asleep I could feel Helen laying behind
and I'm sure I could catch the sweet smell of her beautiful perfumes she used to wear I'm sure I could see an
on the pillow where her head had laid or perhaps all but a dream that I
just haven't awoken from
All a dream but  seemed so real to me that Helen laid down beside with head on my pillow
Amyrah Apr 4
I know I m bound to fall.
And, when I fall I shall break.
But when I m up I m sure,
You ll be there.
Johnny walker Mar 23
Always remember the very first time I met Helen she had treated so badly In her previous marriage she told me once her so-called husband
because he couldn't get his own way with her had dragged her downstairs stripped her naked and through her, outside Into the
and lock the door
her neighbour had to help her Helen was shaking I asked her If she was scared of me and she
yes and I thought why? scared of me  
Helen was also down with a chest Infection she fell asleep on the settee, me sitting on
settee opposite she wasn't breathing too well I was very concerned for her so
stayed with
awake all night keeping an eye her when she woke up Helen so surprised to see me there she thanked me for staying with her but I couldn't have left her I loved this girl I stayed with her for three
sleeping on the settee keeping an eye on her from that day on I never left her side but she was still afraid of
I sleep on the settee In the same clothes hurt all over so she took by the hand and led me her bedroom Helen said I could sleep with her on the bed as long as I behaved
and there was no light on In her bedroom could see very little she said her daughter would not be home from
work till
why don't you take all your clothes and come lay with me just as I got undressed she shouted don't move
I thought oh what's happened
when I heard Helen fumbling In the bedside cabinet draws I asked Helen what she doing  I'm looking for a lighter she said want to get a better look at
and their she trying position the lighter so she could she me naked but Helen was that way she was so much fun to be with Helen remained dressed me
we slept together and I was the perfect gentlemen behaved myself and from the day on Helen had complete trust In me and stopped shaking her health started to
but sometimes the thing Helen would do or say we're so funny and I do miss Helen so much but she has left me some beautiful wonderful
Helen had been so badly treated In her previous marriage when I first met
Helen, she would shake with fear with the present of a man
Porpor Mar 21
I think so
But I'm not sure
You know what i mean?
Me neither
Johnny walker Feb 17
Opening my eyes on another day without
my sweetheart beside
me don't
I'll ever get used to her
not being here they
say time a healer but

I don't think that applies
to me for I can never let
go of her to much In life
I depended on her, In so
many ways that she will
always be a perminate
part of my life even
though she long

I will never let go of her hand I took flowers to her grave today beautiful sunny day and sat with
her for a while so warm
and peaceful there
They say time a healer but I'm not sure this applies to me I loved her far to much can't let go
Vanidy Jan 25
Note of a piano
Noises from an instrument
Noises that I know
Unfamiliar to my brain.

A line of music
Noises from a song
Noises that I picked
Never remember anything long.

A piece of poetry
Words from literature.
Words that I wrote
And I'm not even sure.
Pete King Jan 20
I'm not quite sure how I got here,
Or why your stare makes fear feel safe.
It's like you can read the aura of me,
But maybe you just read my face.

You cling on tightly to my hand,
And search for secrets in it's embrace.
But, you'll find no truth in reading my palm,
It's all written upon my face.

I'm not courageous, and nor am I bold.
But hey, at least I've got your hand to hold.
polka Nov 2018
Looking down the corridor I see a
door that's being held open for a
man who wears two eye patches, a
frown seen somehow in the dark
outline of his silhouette-

I don't get how he's doing that, what? huh?

Tearing through the crowd of men looking down
I see a dent in the ground and I
narrowly step to avoid the
hollow tile, my eyes widen
I realize that he's gone-

Why was this man walking blind so strangely?

Then I see, everyone has left this place
I pace looking for a space to see
just how everyone has left me, I
can't fathom what magic, where,
where does this corridor lead?

The door reads: "To my friends I left behind."

How asinine.
messing with syllables and stuff idk
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Look, the blue sky arch
is up until now
an upside-down cup!
The juicy bit, for sure,
is down on the veiled earth.
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