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i can love the moon, and the flowers.
its time that i come out of the dark.
rise up from my ashes and let myself be put back together.
its time that i feel the suns warmth on my skin,
but also be strong enough to feel the bees stings that pierce, and hurt me.
its time to embrace life, and all of it.
we all are broken down till we are nothing but chard from being burnt by lifes burdens. but picking ourselves up and dusting off that chard is a part of life.
Barkley Layne Nov 2014
He does not give me butterflies


No, the feeling he gives me in my stomach,

It stings.
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Dripping honey
Attracted to the honeycomb
Beware! Bee stingsā€¦
Chloe Elizabeth Jul 2014
It burns your entire body
to continue loving someone
who no longer loves you back

And it stings deep inside your heart
to love them
knowing that they love someone else
with all of their heart

But it will **** you
to stop loving them

By Chloe Elizabeth
Missblackraven Jun 2014
Today I jumped off a cliff
And as I fell I could only think of what was to come
Falling, I dove until I pierced the cold dark waters
The bitter salt stinging my eyes as I try to rise above
Only to realize the harsh waves pushing me down

The struggle to keep my head above
The struggle to breath

Below me,
I feel the hundred of bites from sharks
Their sharp teeth in my skin
dragging me down

And the thousands of jellyfish stings
weakening me
forcing me down
forcing me to blend in and become one of them

But I can't
I must prevail
I must take on the pain
I must move on

And as I pull free and swim further away I hear them call
You're weird! You're ****!You're an outcast!
And though the words constantly replay in my mind
I must use them as strength to move on

I must succeed
I must push through the waves
I must ignore the pain.the stings, the bites.
I must swim against the current.
I must fight it.

Although they still try to drag me down
Try to make me like them
I can never be...
I can only be me...

For my island, my home, my sanctuary.
is not far away...
I must be free...
The struggle to fit in and also be yourself.
Deciding to move on and be different.
Amanda Jun 2014
The very last words of that one story,

the terribly short quote her fingertips traced on her wrists at 4 am then again at 11am.

The very last words to him.

Reminds her of

cold tea,

unfinished stories with no end

undone smiles.

Far too scared to write last words,
eventually she became one.

The irony is stinging.
Hello there lovely!
Phew, finished my first ever three-hour English exam and boy, did it get wild. ;)
My right hand was aching, smudged with blank pen ink.
Second last exam tomorrow!!
Sweet dreams to you, you and you.

— The End —