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Missblackraven Jun 2017
The same darkness
The same tears
The same mental torture

They play an infinite
They play the nightmares
They play my fears

The memories that need be forgotten
The memories that haunt me till the end
The memories that bring me back to darkness

It destroys me
It kills me
It steals away my soul

Until I am no more
Until I give up hope
Until I give into the night
Missblackraven Apr 2017
Thoughts running through my head
Every single one of you

Your smile is what brings light to my day
Your kiss helps me to breathe

You are what makes me wake from sleep
You are my and always will be my everything

And yet it seems things always get in the way
Arguments and wrong decisions always find their way

And there is no one to blame but me

I pray that one day I will finally be perfect for you
My only wish I wish to come true

I make mistakes and am always wrong
And you still love me.

Things seem so hard now but they can only get better
Or that's what I hope at least.
Because I know love
Missblackraven Mar 2016
its this feeling...
a feeling like thousands of vibrations hitting my skin
like a volcano ready to erupt...
like its already erupted but it slower than usual...

its not a stinging pain, but a warm one
hot and strong, like the anger and sadness is making me it own
like hot coals down my throat
a heat radiating within...

and just as quickly as the warmth is there
it vanishes and leaves me with nothing but cold
like the coldest snow on the mountains...
like ice running across my skin...

and leaves me breathless...
the stinging pain of cold,
and the corruption of the heat,
leaves me empty

no happiness, no pain...
nothing but the almost sensations  of something
something that could've been
something that would've been
and it wraps inside me through the inside out

and it feels like you...
Missblackraven Mar 2016
like icy wind, your lips cold and pale blue…
you arms wrap around me, trap me, in icy love
words whispered words screamed all emotion vanishing
your cold surrounds me your cold holds me until i am no more
i am now cold too…
  Jan 2016 Missblackraven
A Dash of Red
Isn’t time supposed to flow in a linear direction?
Isn’t that why they’re called ”Timelines”?
You’re born,
You’re a baby,
A kid,
A teen,
An adult,

Last century,
An hour ago,
A minute ago,
Next week,
Next month,
Next year,
Next decade,
Next century,
Next lifetime

Isn’t that it?
That’s how it goes?

Well then, what’s wrong with me?

I know I’m getting older,
But I can’t see today.
What is now,
When I keep looking back?
I’m taken back to my past every day.
To the good,
To the bad…

Yesterday, it was October 13th, 2014.
Last week, it was January 8th, 2015, and 2000.
Today, it’s October 14th, 2015….
What’s wrong with the calendar?
It says it’s January 20th, 2016…
Where am I?
When am I?
Where did the time go….?
Confused at......when?
  Jan 2016 Missblackraven
A Dash of Red
Welcome to the party, do you have your mask ready?
Everyone’s dressed like the rich and the famous,
And who knows, some of them may be.
Here’s your chance to get out there and make a scene.
Make some memories with some complete strangers.
Or some old friends, you’ll never know.
Oh, but who’s over there?
Across the room, against the wall,
Quietly chatting away with the tall stranger in a crow’s mask.
That’s me, of course!
Where’s my mask, you may ask.
It’s right here, resting perfectly on my face.
Can’t you tell it’s a mask?
No, maybe not.
That’s because this one was made just for me.
I made it myself.
It’s taken me years to perfect it,
So no one would know when I wore it.
I’m sorry I didn’t get a special mask for the occasion,
I didn’t have the time.
And I’m sorry this mask isn’t as festive as the others.
You see, this mask looks just like me, spare a few minor details.
For example, I’m wearing a bright,
That’s something you’ll never see on my real face.
Please don't take my mask off.
You wouldn't want to see what lay underneath.
Missblackraven Sep 2015
oh how you remind me of storms...
   like lightning you *shine

       like thunder you cry
            and your soul, oh your sweet soul,
                like darkness engulfing the night sky...
                     as I whisper...  *engulf me in your darkness too
I hate storms...but oh do I love you...
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