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Danielle Free Mar 2018
The light dances on the sea’s waves like those little skater bugs that hop on a pond. The jitter of tiny lights reminds me of a time that I was fainting; the same specks of glitter shimmering in front of my eyes as I tumbled onto the bed in a cold sweat, mother at my side with a damp, white flannel. But now, as I watch the same twinkling flashes surfing the tide, in the warmth of the sun, they seem not to be as intimidating.
Danielle Free Feb 2018
She’s slow dancing for lovers,
She’s crazy jazz in the moon light,
She’s still when it is silent
On a cold, tidal night.

Wavy air turns to a silver mist,
Shimmering on delicate cheeks,
It falls beneath the surface,
But the Sea, She cannot weep.
Danielle Free Jan 2018
He stood in front of her ****,
He was in an extremely rude mood,
But she wasn't paying any attention
Because Jen was a bit of a *****.

When she finally noticed,
Jen started a miniature protest,
"James put on some clothes; at least cover up those" (she said pointing at his testicles).

James swayed his body side-to-side,
He felt he had nothing to hide,
He walked towards her (a masculine stride)...
Jen blushed and covered her eyes.

"James, it's not very funny
To come running towards me"
and Jen whisked off in a flurry (of anger).

James saw his reflection
and poked his midsection,
"Maybe she's right, if my stomach was tight
Jen might not have had an objection"

He sighs and puts a top on.
Danielle Free Oct 2017
Rain sieved through my window screen, leaving clear freckles upon my cheeks.

The stars blanket the sun, but still flashes of white light up my room.

The sky roars and it cries as though it's fed up and the air rushes bitter down my side.
Danielle Free Sep 2017
Ever changing
No shape
All Grace.
No name
No features
No face -
Apart from when I need you
and then I'll start to call
You appear amidst my chanting
in all your glorious form.
Maybe you're a Michael;
a Mary or a Zeus,
You might even appear as the Lord Almighty, Jesus.
Just for me
You're a gentle mist of compassion,
Light shimmer,
You're an energy that'll help me transition
from negative
to positive.
I trust.
I believe.
Danielle Free Sep 2017
Calibrating circles behind the eyes,
Making me twitch;
Startled. Surprised.
Like deer in the woods with antlers intertwined, your embrace consuming me.
Erroneous mutterings heard in the dark
The vibrations tingling the shallow hole in my heart.
Danielle Free Sep 2017
The world is a woman with thighs soft as moss, walk bare foot to the crook in her spine, stopped in tracks by her spiraling fronds that hang loose by her waist.
Tread higher and higher 'till you reach the peaks, a scenic view worth keeping a secret.
Explore the whirlpools that tumble the tide, green and blue on the surface, but dark and mysterious deep inside.
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