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Bhill Oct 2019
The lizard made its way straight up the rock wall
Such adhesion on those rocks with his fragile-looking claws
What was he running from, or to, with such desert dignity
What would you call the motions of these little creatures
Bodies moving back and forth like other slithering reptiles

Brian Hill - 2019 # 251
Are you fascinated by lizards. Moving down here has brought a whole new appreciation to the little ones.
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Billowed down onto natures bust
a face full of dirt
a mouth full of maggots
corpsing coercion onto frantic plates
slopping up the juicy details
derailing off the tracks
into a new train of nature,
saving only what comes of value
yet, you don't save yourselves.

Lucrative hands slithering softly by
ready to steal your life with just a touch
how much are you worth?
Unfortunately, nothing.
stopdoopy Jan 2019
Coming from the mouth of hate
A deep green ink tumbling out
With those **** red petals
Having been stained by the blood
Spilling into vile words of suffering
Twisting this way and that
As if alive- slithering into place

I would plunge the dagger
Deeper still into your chest
Turning it and slicing on either side
Until I could reach in and pluck
That beating ***** from the cavity
And hold it in my hand, so tenderly
Just as I always have been with you
And then crush it in between palms
Applying more pressure until
The pain is unbearable and then
Maybe you will have felt
What you've put me through
The line about the petals is reminiscent of my poem "Unrequited Love" and both pieces are about the same person.

This one came from the feelings of when you *****- the rising bile, acrid smell, acidic bite, the retching, and the tears.
Burst Jul 2017
Smart and sly
In a suit and tie
Passing by
just to say hi

Luring me in
with all happiness money can buy
Deceptively friendly
Sly sly sly

Slithering snake
Moving smoothly
Slow it down
I see you, truly
Through the grass
Behind the scenes
Slow it down
You've been seen!
Tammy Cusick Oct 2014
Darkness it creeps and hides,
every crack and crevasse,
born to the naked eye,
in the world of sand we're Catcher while they're Rye.

Open up your mind,
that third dimensional eye,
for it unlocked the truth,
it leaves few behind,
you gotta catch up if you plan to survive.

In this world so feeble and faint,
harsh and cold,
darkness creeps upon the paranoid and old,
it reaches out and grabs your hand,
for we are all just grains left in the sand.

Its anger is a scythe,
cuts deep into your soul like any double edged knife,
I am the reaper,
I am new life.

Darkness its stench,
dead and foul,
Hades slithering on the prowl,
there is a time here and now.

Life is found rejoicing in the light,
for I kiss the hand of death and say goodnight,
for you I bid goodbye,
for I am god,
I am Rye.

I drink my quaff and stumble away,
for I am the reaper,
dead and grey,
free your soul,
I hope and pray
that darkness will never creep your way.
drinking problem

— The End —