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Flatfielder Dec 2020
No one speaks
Wars are no more
Holding hands in silence
From shore to shore
Acceptance creates freedom
How to get there
Never follow
Be yourself
Empty the square
At first, they kept it on a down low
Feigning not for anything below
But steadily they went on slow-slow
Two-two like doves they flew-up 'n' flow

Engraved in the sulcus of lust
They strived to ***-drive their lust
She needn't guessed who was calling
Of course she knew about his mailing

Come and know my house darling!
She nagged but murmured- a yes in
It was 8:00PM she came entering
Skillfully drove to his door-steps  'n' in

Indeed she was interested to be rested
Too high their feelings they undressed
She could've said no when started
But tensions were high to 've mattered

Months later, she called his line
He ignored her, there's a deadline
She's fed but infact, he's on airline
Ticketing to meet him failedout of line
Its Time To Manage Ourselves.
(The only definition of management)
Somewhatdamaged Jan 2020
Its easier to blame others
For your own mistakes
Its even easier to blend in
When something higher is at stakes
But what you believe in
Are you sure you aren't making fool out of yourselves?
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Billowed down onto natures bust
a face full of dirt
a mouth full of maggots
corpsing coercion onto frantic plates
slopping up the juicy details
derailing off the tracks
into a new train of nature,
saving only what comes of value
yet, you don't save yourselves.

Lucrative hands slithering softly by
ready to steal your life with just a touch
how much are you worth?
Unfortunately, nothing.

— The End —