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Umwari uwera Jun 2020
Death can we be friends and share a cup of coffee
Death can you be color red like the blood of Jesus and I will paint you all over my room
Death can we share secrets  ?
Death can we be soulmate ?
Death can you see me ?
Death can hear me?
Death don’t you see me drowning
Death Are you  invisible ?
Death why don’t you **** my demons ?
Death you walk in the light or darkness
Death do you know my deepest secret ?
Death do you know fear ?
Death can we please be love birds ?
Death why wouldn’t you  send an invitation before coming?
There is some many reasons why I write this
I want to be a Black verse
Living off the society’s expectations,
I want to be a Free verse
Redefine this hypocrisy called democracy.

When I grow up,
I will be an exposed poem, with stanzas like a book of secrete.
Leal Knowone Mar 2016
Temporary  paralysis oozing out my ugliness, curled under wings of unconsciousness, broken wings smothered out my last breath. The putrid and vile lie within, and the light and kindness still surface my friend. Let your mind take flight, through the mist of the morning light. This does not mean you left the darkness behind. everything cycles in time. time to see the misshapen circle in which you dwell. Everything is energy and power, and they unexplained the call it spells.
Nagilia Melendez Jun 2015
I'm going to tell you a story,
About a girl,
Who wanted nothing but fame and glory.

She dreamt of days without a worry.
A world when people have no need to be sorry.
She sits back and enjoys the moment,
With music in her ears as her docent.

Tunes from varying artist,
From tove lo, to G eazy, to the weeknd.
Creating moods that she never knew exist.
Everything was just pefect.

It began to rain,
She turns down the volume.
She cries quietly,
Listening to the stories drops create in her brain.

She tries not to remember the pain,
But the memories continued to swirl and destroy her,
Like a bunch of internal hurricanes.
Then, she remembers the relief of cutring open her veins.

She clenches her fists,
She tries to resit.
The voices begin to scream,
Stripping away her self esteem.

She covers her ears,
She continues to Cry!
"No more fears no more fears!"
She pops some pills trying to get high.

But she took too much,
And she dies.
This is just a story,
Of a girl who was used for fame and glory.
#sad #inspiration #suicide #depressed #

— The End —