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Nagilia Melendez Jun 2015
Her eyes twinkle of a sadness.
Her tears began to fall into darkness,
As her soul died in a corner.
She was tired of holding it all together.
Nagilia Melendez Jun 2015
Don't Judge Me
Because I care
Don't Judge M
Because I'm always there
Don't Judge Me'
Because I hide how I feel
With blowing things off
As *******
Don't judge me
Because I cry when I'm mad
Because I can't do **** about it
Don't judge me
Because I get hurt more than you
Don't judge me
Because I stick around
When your skies aren't blue
Don't judge me
Because I stood by you
While you were destroyed
*When no one else did
Nagilia Melendez Jun 2015
I'm going to tell you a story,
About a girl,
Who wanted nothing but fame and glory.

She dreamt of days without a worry.
A world when people have no need to be sorry.
She sits back and enjoys the moment,
With music in her ears as her docent.

Tunes from varying artist,
From tove lo, to G eazy, to the weeknd.
Creating moods that she never knew exist.
Everything was just pefect.

It began to rain,
She turns down the volume.
She cries quietly,
Listening to the stories drops create in her brain.

She tries not to remember the pain,
But the memories continued to swirl and destroy her,
Like a bunch of internal hurricanes.
Then, she remembers the relief of cutring open her veins.

She clenches her fists,
She tries to resit.
The voices begin to scream,
Stripping away her self esteem.

She covers her ears,
She continues to Cry!
"No more fears no more fears!"
She pops some pills trying to get high.

But she took too much,
And she dies.
This is just a story,
Of a girl who was used for fame and glory.
#sad #inspiration #suicide #depressed #
Nagilia Melendez May 2015
It was a momentary encounter
Just a momentary thought
A moment which was wasted
A moment that didn't matter

I pushed myself into the hands of another mistake
I pushed myself into another ditch full of fire and thorns
I said I didn't really care
But in that moment, I didnt know that secrete was there

Am I now on the sideline
Or am I just one big waste
Am I just someting you once wanted that you couldn't have?
Am I just too hard to get and you don't think I'm worth the fight?

Although I'd never kiss you
Although I'd never want to be with you
I just wanted that feeling...
Of being wanted.
Nagilia Melendez May 2015
I lay on natures bed,
Green, wet, moist,
Strong, but delicate.
I roll over gently,
Just to lay one hand
On its surface,
Sparkling with mother earths tears.
Glancing up every so often,
Seeing the light seeping through the curtains of leaves.
Listening the peace around me
Birds singing their somber songs,
The whistles of the wind through the cracks in the ground,
And the unexplainable melody of a stream cleansing the dirt from earths precious jewels beneath her soil.
I close my eyes and get lost in its gorgeous harmony,
As it washes away my internal turmoil.
Nagilia Melendez May 2015
I said I was tired
But they said I slept enough,
But not ask "of what?"
Nagilia Melendez May 2015
Live like it's your last day,
They say
Give it your all,
They say

Take your time,
They say
Don't rush into things,
They say

They say
You're still young,
They say

Happy birthday,
They say
Go **** yourself,
They say

Be happy, no negative vibes here,
They say
You're worthless, I didnt need you anyway,
They say

Live love laugh,
They say
No trust,
They say

I hate hypocrites,
They say
You're the main one,
I say
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