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Mayank Garg Jun 30
Ae kalam zara ruk ruk kar chal
Kya mukaam aayaa hai

Tu thodi der teher jaa
Kahin use dard na **

Kyunki teri nok ke neeche
Mere pyaar ka naam aayaa
Kuldeep mishra Sep 2019
जितनी किताबों से दूरी हो चली थी,

क़लम ने उतना ही पीछा कर लिया ...!!

Bleeding Doc Feb 2019
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai,
Labzo me jo baat keh naa saka
Geet me gungunane ko dil chahta hai |

Kaun kehta hai ki tujh se pyar karte hai log
Bas jarurte puri karte hai log |
Jab tak zinda hai sauhrate hai teri,
Mare **** ko bhi kahan ghar me rakhte hai log |

Na koi hai tera na tu hai kisika
Jo chahe tuje tu ban jaa usi ka
Khel matlab ka duniya ne khela sada hai
Tu bhi hissa usika me bhi hissa usi ka

Jala ke **** ko rakh baha de nadi me
Aisi duniya se chutkara dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |

Yun to chalti rahi jindagi na ruki,
Koi aata raha koi jata raha |
Kayi khel ke dil se mere khilone ki tarah
Dil ko apne har dum behlata raha |

Kisi ne chaha kisi ne toda muje,
Me phir bhi sada muskurata raha |
Kabhi roya kabhi sadme me beh gaya,
Dil ko har baar apne behlata raha |

Badi faramaush hai duniya samaj me gaya,
Fir bhi kisi ko chahne ko dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |
Aditi May 2016
this world is way beyond you and me,
oh silly, how silly, I had always been

Grieving in misery,
I forgot to see the reality,
A vessel in transition,
That is who we are
We take and we give,
Nothing is permanently ours.

A dot in the infinity,
a speck of dust in a galaxy,
an echo in the noisy surrounding,
a ripple in a grand sea.

Oh silly, how silly I had been,
The world is way beyond you and me.
Prabhu Iyer Jul 2015
And there, ascends the seraph winged of fire
into realms azure beyond ours
that here lighted our lives
with courage and dreams:

what humble the beginnings, that
we see not in humility of conduct,
what joy of the spirit
that does not come flooding into our hearts
and dream, that does not lift a people

that millions rise, ignited
heeding your call,
O King by demeanour,
in palace but a pauper with books,
and the rhythms of our souls

when parched for some,
wandered we
by the mirage wells of a nation
dessicated of hope,

oh Thou dispenser of our destinies,
did you not send a message
scribbled across a smile
that connected silver curls of age

that now leaves us broken
for we shall never be the same
until we meet you there
in realms azure beyond ours
Tribute to the former Indian President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, a scientist statesman who inspired millions of us by his simplicity, joy and vision. He gave us hope more than any of our religious, political or cultural leaders. He passed away tonight. Our world will not be the same any more.

'dispenser of our destinies' recalls a line in the Indian national Anthem, 'Jana gaNa mana..' by the great Rabindranath Tagore, that is even now controversial, but which I think invokes the divine guiding our national spirit.


— The End —