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memoona kazmi Feb 2019
the tall tree,
that once stood so firm,
so proud of its strength,
it is flung down,
next to my eyes,
in front of me,
it's wreathed old roots,
that once used to be,
strong enough to hold him,
are now feeble as they could be,
it's brown leaves,
with a touch of orange hue,
with blend of yellow,
are the ones,
that once were so green and lush,
it's branches that once,
were a home to a thousand blue birds,
are no more mothers,
they now are strile,
idea gleam on the curtain of my mind,
with the tree that once was ceaselessly young,
is now dead,
what are we proud of?????
Bleeding Doc Feb 2019
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai,
Labzo me jo baat keh naa saka
Geet me gungunane ko dil chahta hai |

Kaun kehta hai ki tujh se pyar karte hai log
Bas jarurte puri karte hai log |
Jab tak zinda hai sauhrate hai teri,
Mare **** ko bhi kahan ghar me rakhte hai log |

Na koi hai tera na tu hai kisika
Jo chahe tuje tu ban jaa usi ka
Khel matlab ka duniya ne khela sada hai
Tu bhi hissa usika me bhi hissa usi ka

Jala ke **** ko rakh baha de nadi me
Aisi duniya se chutkara dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |

Yun to chalti rahi jindagi na ruki,
Koi aata raha koi jata raha |
Kayi khel ke dil se mere khilone ki tarah
Dil ko apne har dum behlata raha |

Kisi ne chaha kisi ne toda muje,
Me phir bhi sada muskurata raha |
Kabhi roya kabhi sadme me beh gaya,
Dil ko har baar apne behlata raha |

Badi faramaush hai duniya samaj me gaya,
Fir bhi kisi ko chahne ko dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |
Amanda Nov 2015
Upon thine eyes i see thee
There be breath in thou lungs
Blood flows in thou veins
A beat from within thy chest
Hath thee waited under the great oak?
For thy hath waited under stars at night
Doth thee reach out?
Echoing calls of thy name in the wind
Thy tears yearn for thou warmth
But alas the cold air kisses thyself
The darkness awakens thy senses
For thy hath felt thee when lonely tears do shed
Red Bergan May 2014
It has been sometime,
Since my pen has hit paper.
Since my words were expressed,
By voices unwritten.

It has been an exodus void,
For my heart...
Has made its collision.

Pain rips through me,
When my words are written.
To the page.

— The End —