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Abby Sep 2018
Please, have mercy!
You are all my children,
Whom I've given birth to and nourished
Until you were strong enough to hurt me,
And even after that,
Because I still love you
Even though you've forgotten me.
Please, have mercy!
I promise to keep caring for you,
And I promise to be there for you,
And I promise to suffice all of your needs,
But please, don't mistreat me,
Don't mistreat your mother,
Don't pollute her water,
Don't pollute her air,
Don't pollute her roads,
Don't cut her forests,
Don't **** her animals,
Don't sterilize her earth,
Don't mute her song,
Don't do to her what she's never done to you.
I'm your mother,
And I ask for forgiveness
If I've ever hurt you,
But please, my dear children,
Have mercy on me!
Abby Sep 2018
When I walk through this silver streets,
When I drink from this thick glass,
When I think and cry and cry to think,
When I burn this curse, when I breath this bless,
I'm never here, that's someone else,
It might be,
There's something else, being me.
I'm never actually sad or happy or confused,
I never am, you see,
I'm never bored or dreamily amused,
Cause someone else is for me.
I myself inhabit the lilac echoes behind what I should be,
I myself have never suffered, I just watch another's pain,
It's much easier to see life this way,
As if I'm something too precious to exist,
As if I'm life itself, beneath my wrist,
I'm the conscience of the blood,
When it's ceased the bruise's pain,
I'm the spirit, not the body,
I am not in vain.
Abby Jun 2018
Not to be built with bricks,
Not to be shut with stone,
I want the silence of water,
A paradise of my own.
Be quiet, if you can!
Stay still, if you will!
Blink in the blue of ice,
All wounds heal.
Let's move, move to an island,
Let's dream and be silent!
Abby Jun 2018
Let's talk poppies and candies,
Let's talk summer frocks and bees,
Let's talk blue skies ending
In crystal blue seas.
Sure let's talk the neighbors,
Sure let's talk cooking books,
Sure let's talk red lipstick
And guys' good looks!
We're gonna talk Elvis and Marilyn
And Trotsky and Tolstoy,
We're gonna talk Eastern countries
We're about to destroy.
And Italian movies and French perfumes,
Marijuana and milkshake,
Bobby socks and jukebox,
And vacations by the lake.
Let's talk, my dearest pal
All of the above,
But I'd say, first of all,
Let's not talk love.
Abby Jun 2018
Emmalou, don't you grow
For adulthood darkens and sours
The moonly white of thy brow
From the clear days of yore,
Emmalou, don't you grow.
Emmalou, don't you enter
This garden's open door,
Cupid lies in its center
And his eyes' dark and sour,
Emmalou don't you listen to me.
Abby Jun 2018
The weather's so nice today
We'd go to the beach it it wasn't
The lack of money and of time,
Their team's lost the game
Whose is the blame,
Is it theirs or mine?
Boy I love you so much
I'm gonna die.
Abby Jun 2018
I love thee with a love unknown
Unknown to me, its winds blow
Now I can see my very soul
I love thee out of time
I love thee with sounds
Of songs that do not rhyme
Over seas, over grounds
I love thee at night
I love thee with lemons
Made out of light
I love thee with honey
I love thee with rue
I love thee like a child
I love thee like a God
I worship you and curse you
I destroy
I love you so much
In quantum physics
An apple from a tree
I love you so much I want you happy
Even if it's not with me
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