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Adrianna Aarons Dec 2014
If I could send a message in a bottle
Of every thought I’ve ever thought of you
It’d take a million years for you to read it
I bet I’d leave you speechless
Because I know that you’ve never doubted
Any love that’s true

If I could sail the ocean on a sailboat
I’d search around the world for you, my dear
I would even stop for a moment
Because you’re my one and only
And nothing would mean more to me
Than having you right here

I have this funny feeling that you’re waiting
Praying every night I’ll come around
Take you in my arms and give you comfort
Even though I was hurt
Because you took my heart into the air
And then dropped it to the ground

I wish that I would find you on an island
With nothing of your own but a cigarette
All alone and talking to no one
I will be your someone
Because I loved you at the darkest times
Just like the day we met
Corey Nov 2014
I was stuck for a while
I stayed *******
It wasn’t until I met you
That I loosened the knot

And in that summer
We were inseparable
You taught me how
To get out of my comfort zone

We were like two sailboats
Making circles around each other
Like an elegant dance
Or an ancient ritual

You let me set sail
With you behind me
We left together
Into the unknown

— The End —