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jamie Sep 2017
my favourite flavour
has always been cherry
it’s just sweet and lovely

much like you
you’re funny
and bubbly

you make me smile
and laugh when im
feeling down

if i had to pick
a flower to give you
it’d be a rose

and not just because
it’s your middle name
but because it’s beautiful

and you my dear
are absolutely

but what does it mean
to be in love
with someone like you?

well, i’d say it starts
with inside jokes
and lots of laughter

or maybe spending time
together by watching
livestreams or videos

it quite possibly
could’ve started with
your kindness

you seem impossible
here you are

you’re real
and you exist
and i’m incredibly happy

to call you
the one that
i love
i'm so in love with you and i'm honestly ecstatic
jamie Sep 2017
i don't know how you
feel about me anymore

i know we're friends
who tell one another secrets

but maybe there's one more
secret we haven't told

what if i were to say
i had feelings for you

we've been here before
things didn't quite work out

but i can't help but feel
there's something more

lingering thoughts
missing touch

maybe one day we could meet
or say these things in person

but for now
i'll sit here

with my poetry and music
while you're across the ocean

with your poetry and music
possibly thinking the same things
jamie Apr 2017
a library opened late last night
an abundance of books
yet, all i want to read
is the emotions on your face
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