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La Nómada Mar 2023
He’ll think it’s hot that you’re running
Ask him to meet up for a marathon
…half marathon?
Tread lighter.
Running dogs
Dogs running
A meme of a dog running for president
La Nómada Mar 2023
Some men bring out the poems in me
I fear your one of these
A pirate girl names ships about
To sail the world with ease

I fear not what you do to me
I fear not what I know
Someday your heart will melt and be
Repla-ced with the snow

So on she’ll sail
Through snowy veil
To fight the world deplete
And She and I
Through wind and rye
Will storm the army fleet

A salient heat
Will soon repeat.
La Nómada Feb 2022
The universe is stretching her arms
and I am a snake
winding venom in corkscrews to hide from the harms

The stars begin sounding their alarms
and I am an oyster
concealing my beauty, protecting my charms
La Nómada Jan 2022
Its not love we write poems about after all
Love is constant and unwavering
reliable and anchoring
The sea walls can shift and the tide can break
Love isn’t what we write poems about after all
Love is what we take for granted
Deeply anchored granite
We cling to its faithful grooves
Love isn’t what we write poems about after all
Thats chaos swimming wildly towards danger
With a thirsty craze in our eye
Propelled by wells of angst and desire
Away from the cool loving grey of a stable rock
Wide nostrils and salty sea breath
Gnarled hair and ***** fingernails
It is not love we write poems about after all
Thats heroine of the heart
Hurling a howling hunger
Towards hauntings
Hellbound and twirling
Its not love we write poems about after all
La Nómada Jan 2022
Do you dream of me free
Not how happy we’d be
imagine me at sea
tucked up in a tree
While you’re straddled with she
Do you dream of me free

Do you think of me wild
Like when we were a child
How I laughed and I smiled
How my beauty beguiled
How my hair would be styled
Do you think of me wild

Do you speak of me fond
“She’s a queen from beyond”
Though I never respond
So you married a blonde
Do you speak of me fond

I dream of you bound
A storm without sound
Trapped on cold ground
I dream of you bound

I think of you mild
Stock white paper filed
Just a number I dialed
I think of you mild

I speak of you nill
Just a pound of my quill
And a pop of a pill
But I speak of you nill
La Nómada Sep 2021
Oh dare be the happy girl
Go soar the world with glee
And never fear the things they say
For rich in life you’ll be

And don’t you know the happy girl
Is prettiest by far?
***’ all her imperfections
Are just kisses from a star

The happy girl will never age
Those sunspots on her cheeks
Are badges from the mountain tops
And hot Havana weeks

You’ll love to be the happy girl
The stories of a muse
Are preciously adorning her
In form of scars and bruise

When you become the happy girl
You’ll love yourself so well
That everyone will love you too
Because it’s clear to tell

The happy girl knows how to play
Might find her in a tree
Or beaches combed for shells and teeth
or dancing near the sea

I challenge you, the happy girl
Although I never could
I hope you’ll sail much farther than
The sad girl ever would
La Nómada Sep 2021
He’s like the tide
A surfer must enjoy his ride
Dive in and swim, revering him
Forgetting what’s outside
His waves are wondrous, warm, enchanting
Adventure filled in all their crashing
The ocean though
Has rules you know, and those it cannot break
For as I try to fight the tide
I find it’s my mistake
No Siren’s Song
No tug along
Could change his constant wake
As good as it may feel to me
To bask amidst his splendor
His salty sea breath smothers me
Unable to surrender
He’s faithful as he’s always been
Unchanging, strong, and genuine
It’s me, you see
Too wild and free
To float in him forever

Does he love me?
I think so
But oceans know their bounds
So as I go beyond his flow
The follow earthly sounds
Perhaps he’d like to follow me
To soar the mountain peaks
To leave the sea, dance blissfully
With sunlight on his cheeks
Perhaps he would create with me
a world of our design
Alas he knows that sea is sea
And he can never follow

Does he love me?
I know so
Although he can’t come with me
To sandy shore, find earth’s galore
***’ he is he – part of the sea
Entrapped by gravity
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