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Doy A Feb 2021
Soak me in the honey
of your *****
I want you to come
here with me
I want to drown in your sweetness
and look up at the stars
see the miracle you are

Let me hold you down
as you pull me in
Partake in this sin
with me

Baby, you and I
our universes collide
one big explosion
maybe two
maybe more

When you retire
I'll keep you in this bed
of our love and our sweat
let you catch your breath
before I dive in again
and again
and again

You are soft and warm
and wet
I don't want to end this yet
Insatiable, relentless
Breathless, helpless

Your legs around mine
Your back on my chest
Maybe this is the best
night of your life
until tomorrow comes
Maha Jan 2020
Bombs brought entire cities
down to their knees today
refugees boarded boats knowing
their feet may never touch land again
police shot people dead for the color of their skin
last month i visited an orphanage of
abandoned babies left on the curbside like waste
later at the hospital i watched a mother
lose both her child and her mind
somewhere a lover died
how can i refuse to believe
my life is anything short of a miracle
if amidst all this chaos
i was given this life
Maha Jan 2020
I stand
on the sacrifices
of a million women before me  thinking
what can i do
to make this mountain taller
so the women after me
can see farther.
When I think about you
My mind turns to white noise
The butterflies in my stomach
The thump of my heart is so strong
I feel like my heart's a prisoner in a cage waiting to break out
I'll hit my head to get it working again
Breathe in to release the butterflies
Command the beat of my heart to slow down
The art of control
To not spread my legs at the sound of your voice
Waiting for you to paint the canvas
To not turn brain dead
When you press your lips into me
To not jump around like I’m on crack
When we make plans to meet
To not have a heart attack
Every time you tell me you miss me
Like I miss you
It’s an art
To teach my body not to give out when you are around me
To not leak of honey
Crave you in sinful ways

To not turn to fuzz
When I hear your voice
To not explode
when I feel your kiss
based off a poem by Rupi Kaur the canvas one
Secret Whispers Sep 2018
I gave you all of my trust,
and what I got in return was a slap to the face.
You convinced me that you were fine taking things at my pace.
You convinced me to go back to your place.
Where my soft skin with your soft fingers you would trace.
You happily took me in your embrace.
And now I can’t seem to erase...
your face.
Written: September 20, 2018
Lorem Ipsum Nov 2017
I tremble at the thought of

falling in love with a

tiny part of someone

and mistaking it

for the whole

-rupi kaur
Rupi Kaur is an incredible poet who has received great acclaim for her amazing new book, Milk and Honey.
Allie Jul 2017
rupi kaur writes that loving with the knowledge that you are not good enough is selfish,
and to that i say let me be selfish,
just this once.
i have suffocated my joy and buried my despair for too many men.
please let me try to show this one
how much he means to me.

— The End —