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Jerielle Lasac Apr 2018
And she began to wonder if it is the coffee she had
that keeps her up all night
or all the thoughts she chose to keep inside
Jerielle Lasac Sep 2017
Walk away now
from the ones hindering your growth,
the ones degrading your worth.

Walk away now
if it ever made you doubt yourself,
your capability and your esteem.

Walk away now
if you exerted so much love
yet all you get are doubts and fears,
and it made you just more sad
than glad.

Walk away now
if you shed so much blood
with all the puzzle pieces
that never really fits.

Walk away now
if you see yourself in years
in the same situation
still wondering what it will be
if you have walked away.

Turn your back
on things that are killing you
if it stays
or if you stay.

Time ticks fast,
it is not going to wait for you,
but it will always be on your side
if you just move right.

So walk away now
and I promise you
you will love yourself more than ever,
because as you walk away
you are believing
that you are not just a stone
but a jewel of so much worth.

Walk away now
if you must,
and you will come out stronger
than ever
because you will choose your worth now
and you will always be able
to choose it again.
He sees her body
Not her sore tears
Or her forced smile
She's afraid and crying out
But he only sees her flushed pink lips
Not her unhealed scars
Or her numb heart
He's blinded by her beautiful appearance
He doesn't hear her screams
He's too focused on what her hands might do in the dark
He'd be disappointed to know they only turn on lights
Because the dark scares her
Just like happy faces and crowded places do
Moral of the story she's broken
Like shattered tempered glass
And she has an excellent disguise
Like chameleons in the trees
So to the world she's completely fine
Jerielle Lasac Feb 2017
If you doubt your capability to love
and you are emotionally unsure,
perhaps I am not the one for you.
No, I am not your cure.

Know that you are about to love someone
who will not hold you liable
of helping her define her existense
for she knows in thee she is responsible.

For I am in the rescue of my own soul,
teaching my heart how to behave.
I cannot be in love and be a hero at the same time
with someone who still needs to be saved.

Because my mind is a galaxy
of wonders and uncertainties
and if you do not know your direction,
you will be lost in my infinity.
Jerielle Lasac Jul 2016
If you will see me
To the deepest of my flaws
Would you still love every part of my soul?
Jerielle Lasac Jul 2016
To whom do you write those words?
Who runs in your mind
When all those thoughts
Started to cloud you again?

Do you write to express
To translate all the things
That is probably, or just maybe,
best untold?

But maybe we have said too much
or said too less
than what we wanted
that it made us write again.

But the thing with poems,
It never settle for just fine.
It require too much
Or too less.

We write when we are too angry,
Or too sad,
Or too overwhelmed,
Or maybe when we feel almost nothing.

Because poems are meant to tell
Only the things from the heart;
And the heart never accepts
Things that are "just fine".

Maybe this is why we write,
Because either we have
A little love
Or too much.

And maybe it doesn't matter
If in the way we hope
That it will be read
To whom it is intended.

Jerielle Lasac Apr 2016
I may forget you in some of my prayers
But in the most random of moments
It is you I will remember
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