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You whispered
sweet lullabies, keeping
all of my demons under
your control.

You thought
you had my heart, but
really it was my freedom
that you stole.

-You hid me behind
prison walls..
As we lay together
comfortably entwined,
and supine
in this bed.
I can’t get these thoughts
out of my head.

But then you slowly trace
your love on my face.

Your fingers brush across
my thighs, then hips.
You kiss my shoulder,
my neck,
my lips.

I swear to god, I could
stay here forever, just
like this.

-You quiet my demons..
I know that I
don’t possess the
beauty of a rose,
the ones before you
taught me so..

do you think you could
find a way to love me
for my words,
and for how I survived
through all of the things
that hurt.

I don’t need your help.
I just need you to love me
while I learn how to
love myself.
I have always been
the one with a hungry heart.

I will swallow you whole, even
if it tears me apart.
Hey everyone,

I’m back and have been writing more than ever! I hope to get some of my current work on here! If you have an Instagram though, go follow me!
fall into me.
tug at my soul
and pull it
from my body.
remind me
what it means
to be in love,
to feel sorrow, be human...
...remind me.
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