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Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
I may be foulmouthed to the core,

let alone when we have our very own

\\ tête-à-tête //

but honey---

I know my heart is genuine.
Hit me up after your Saturn Return, girl.
kate Sep 2020
They are made of stars. Made of celestial beings, ever-present and never failing to make people gape at them in awe. There’s that unwavering need - itching under my skin - of desire to be selfish. To linger my hands on their flawed, moonlit skin. To be able to cup their heavenly face, to be able to peer into their starry eyes up close; I have never kissed a constellation but I would very much like to. Maybe my love for them is planetary and astronomical and maybe all I can do is orbit around them
Taylor St Onge Aug 2015
Scientists know more about the
           than the ocean.

Light can only dive 200 meters
            down into the ocean.  Below it,
the “Midnight Zone” glows in the dark.  
(By standing in your shadow,
I am hoping to become

Life has a tendency to thrive in hostile environments.  
                                                 ­                        For this reason, Jupiter’s moon,
                                                           ­              Europa, may be able to support
                                                                ­         life within the global ocean of
                                                              ­           liquid water that is hidden
                                                          ­               beneath the ice at its surface.
(This is why I am able to bloom in the dark.)

The ocean bows to no one but the moon.  Turn
off the lights.  Turn up the stars.  Low tide wants to
fold back inside itself and lap against the
                             shores of the Sea of Tranquility.  
High tide just wants to be noticed.

But a heated black body sunspot,
                (isolated from the rest
                of the photosphere),
still shines brighter than the moon.  Wolves should
be howling at the sun instead.
written for my poetry: intermediate course. prompt: stages
Taylor St Onge Aug 2015
morning star
lucifer  f a
                             g    backwards and forwards in time
                                                            ­                    in rotation
                                                        ­                        in retrograde rotation

(“the fall of lucifer” painted darkly against the bright spot in the sky)
                                                                ­                         ((i see myself in the
                                                                ­                             shadows beneath
                                                                ­                       his tumbling figure))

the rising sun in the east
a supernova exploding in the background: there are subatomic particles
bigger than what i can offer
                                                           ­       there are greenhouse gasses that
                                                                  give off more heat than my body
                                                      will ever be able to produce for anyone

day light
night light
the setting sun in the west
a constellational birth in the foreground: there are
not enough moons in the solar system
                                                          ­           there is not enough space
                                                      between planetary rings to explain        
                                                          gravitation and the human body

(aphrodite tell me: is this sin or is this love?)  
                                                                     ((i will dip my toes in sea foam
                                                                ­                             until i deteriorate
                                                     ­     i will put my ear against conch shells
                                                                ­       until i can hear your answer))

evening star
lucifer pouring sulfuric acid into the car vents
                                                           the air ducts
                                                           the atmosphere
it becomes the thick dark clouds that obscure
my vision of      myself      from      reality
written for my poetry: intermediate course.
Fred Schrott Jul 2014
Enter—the transitive nightfall
of diamonds.
?There are crop circles dancing
in a wave on Neptune,
with corn rows gleaming from
the man on Mars.
Tail feathers toss toward a
flute near Venus.
Fly me like a rainbow
to the nearest star.
Sirius B
has nothing for me.
Anunnaki women want
to dig my scene.
Don’t take me seriously;
I’m bluffing like a rookie
with a pair of queens.
Moon Unit lands with a
Zappa on Pluto.
Yoda on Saturn
plays steel guitar.
Moses rides in on a
doggone quasar.
Captain Trips sleeps
by a medicine jar.
Sirius B has
something for me.
Hot Nibiru babes try
to make my dream.
Don’t greet me furiously.
I’ll drop you like a comet
heading to the east.
Exit—the transitive nightfall
of diamonds.
From, The Transitive Nightfall Of Diamonds, due out 8/14 from iUniverse books

— The End —