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Traveler Dec 2020
I can’t seem to show them
The things they can’t seem to see
My Fathering reputation at stake
Few were the tricks up my sleeves

Listen now my children
Take heed the words of love
Put on your thinking caps
Take off your boxing gloves

Open sesame oh heart I plead!
A solution has to be...
Teach them how to break them down
Their walls of misery

Oh Father how have you forsaken me?
Traveler Tim

Juthro Tull  "Thick As A Brick"

Really don't mind if you sit this one out.
My words but a whisper, your deafness a SHOUT.
I may make you feel but I can't make you think.
Your *****'s in the gutter, your love's in the sink.

So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't know how it feels
to be thick as a brick.

And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away
In the tidal destruction the moral melee.
The elastic retreat rings the close of play
as the last wave uncovers the newfangled way.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
To take a thought or some emotion,
and to convert it to the written word.
To have a voice unspoken,
and to know it yet may be heard.

To place before the audience
some learning or to simply share a view.
To tell of things, of love or pain,
and to give a glimpse of you.

To remove an outer layer,
or remove a mental crutch.
To open up your soul,
and expose it to their touch.

To etch into the mind,
of someone never met.
A hope a dream or some idea,
that they will not forget.

Each and every poet,
writes of what they have lived and feel.
And from their own experience and dreams,
they paint for us unseen worlds to real.

Through conveyance by the written word,
that great poets have oft expressed in rhyme.
Casting forward thoughts of love and wisdom,
to become unforgotten and to be heard for all of time.
The power of words.... surely man's only true pathway to immortality.
Eloisa Aguirre Apr 2019
I want to find you
Aristophanes told me about you
And the completion of my soul
Our soul

I want to find you
But Heidegger tells me to wait
Let the wind carry remembrance
Let love find me

I learnt it is possible
Your existence
Maybe you don’t know
But I am possible

I want to live in a van with you
Learn how to love technology
And appreciate what brings us

I want to live in a van with you
Learn to depend on my own
And paradoxically depend on our unison while self-relying

I am tired of planning my tomorrow
I do not wish to have you tomorrow
I wish to find you now

I want to live in a van with you
Travel the world apeiron* gave us
And be alone in the universe
Paradoxically enjoy my solitude with you

I wonder if you sing the same song
And if you are shaped to meet me
And the world I know of

I want to be your nobody
And live alone with you
In a moving home
In a moving truck

I want to hate me
And hate you too
Just to realize hate and love are the same coin just different sides

I want to depend on the harmony
And the tension of true songs
While we learn to fit in each other
And cry in unison

One song
Two souls
One friendship
Two forces
*apeiron: from Ancient Greek philosophy. Originated from Anaximander’s theory on the origin of all. I pair with the meaning of chasm or the chaos Heraclitus talks about before anything existed
Julie Grenness Apr 2017
Isn't football such an event?
Listen to the philosopher's lament,
Old Socrates barracked for his team,
In the AFL, worst you've ever seen,
Socrates gazed at the replay,
Groaned, "We lost again!"
So he drank hemlock and gin,
Slit his wrists, did himself in,
Drowned in his phony spa,
His ghost calls down from afar,
"The premiership is what is meant!"
Woe, Socrates' eternal lament!
Feedback welcome.
J Aigboje Ohiro Jul 2016
They say you can always tell a man from his shoes,
They say time makes a man,
They also said time is like an ocean in which man sails,
But if all men were to be on the ocean of time sailing together,
Would there be enough wind for all?
And if not would this be the reason for the inequality?
Would I be correct to say that God created all men to be unequal?
I know what you thinking already,
Here comes another atheist,
In fact I can’t be listening this,  
But I understand you, as we all have an unequal minds,
Yes that’s true, and you are correct,
But only if you leave now and stop listening to this,
Then you would only have half of the message,
And a huge story to tell about an atheist you have met,
But this won’t end you story if I still have your ears.

They say

You can always tell a man from the shoes he wears
But that’s not true as not all men wear shoes, as some love to wear slippers

They say

Time makes a man
But they didn’t speak of women, would I be correct to say they were sexiest?

They say

Time is like an ocean
If so what will you call rainfall?

All of this were coined by men who loved to be philosophical or loved to be called philosophers

So their name won't just be on their tombstones but in the minds of the living

The truth is God is not unjust so all men were created equal
And if I were a philosopher this would be my word to the next generation.
We are all created for a purpose
Find it, Live it, Fulfil it, while you still human…..

After all I am being Philosophical…..
Philosophy, opinions, words
Andrew Fahey Oct 2015
I need you, Dad.
Where are you?

What is this?
What's that smell?
Where do the ants go?
Can you tell?

Do snails have brains?
Can I feel their slime?
Where do bubbles come from?
Is there time?

Will I always grow?
Can I fly?
What can't I remember?
I do try!

Where are you, Dad?
I need you!
Tommy Johnson Feb 2014
Blasting out of the fog and mud
Past the forests in the sunrise
Farms and high ways
Trotting through suburbia
Through the tunnel
Defacing and refusing to allow themselves to be part of an unjust ******
Believe in the intermingling of colors
Waiting for the planets to fall into place
To stop for a moment and inhale the abundant harmony that surrounds them and emote and create a inspiring response in the form of self expressive freedom that matches the beauty that had compelled them
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