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Eloisa Aguirre Dec 2019

I may know the origin of me—
my birth
And the end of me—
my death

But all that in between
I will never understand
The chaos that derives
From millions of ethical decisions

All that in between
The chaos that I currently live in

Just think about it
If I had ever chosen to cross
A different street—A car on me leading to a different destiny

Or if you had ever chosen
Not to follow your gut
We would not be here

You and I
Would not exist
The word “we” and “us”
Meaning something completely different on the mouth of the other

Yet, We are here—

But just think of the odds
That your world and mine
One day clashed

I could have dropped out of school
Before Philosophy 101
And you could have drop out
Your Philosophy of Aesthetics class

But we didn’t
We continued to be
No real understanding of life
And still concerned to live the best one

What are the odds
That Justice would roll her dice
And dictate the recipient of my caring love?

The odds
Are there
But really
They never were

You and I
Just Us, as we exist
Are the definition of
The possibilities of the impossible
November 17, 2019 at 1:45 AM
  Sep 2019 Eloisa Aguirre
So sweet
So tender
Your hands
On my skin

My collarbones
My hair

Your lips
Softly brushing
On mine

So warm
Your chest
Pressed firmly
Onto mine

This time
I'm right
I feel

This time
I feel
The beauty,
And this makes up for all the times I felt nothing, all the times I thought something about me was broken.  I was trying all the wrong places, but this time I found the right one.  Thank you for helping me feel it all.  Everything.
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