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Y que el rocío de la lluvia en Seattle
te recuerde a mis mejillas mojadas

I want you to want me ugly,
And that your memory of me
had no imagine of Beauty

Quiero que me quieras fea,
Porque ya muchos años llevo—
en mis hombros y pestañas,
cargando el peso de querer ser bonita

I want you to love me ugly,
Because I’m tired of only being but one thing,
beautiful is too small of a word
for how much I am worth

(written on August 11, 2022)
  Sep 2019 Eloisa Aguirre
So sweet
So tender
Your hands
On my skin

My collarbones
My hair

Your lips
Softly brushing
On mine

So warm
Your chest
Pressed firmly
Onto mine

This time
I'm right
I feel

This time
I feel
The beauty,
And this makes up for all the times I felt nothing, all the times I thought something about me was broken.  I was trying all the wrong places, but this time I found the right one.  Thank you for helping me feel it all.  Everything.
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