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Safana Sep 2020
My face growing
like a sunshine
my chickens grew
up like ostriches
TheMystiqueTrail Oct 2018
A queer breed of ostriches we're!
Scared of reality,  
we bury our senses
in the barren sands of illusion,
live in an oasis of fantasy!

Does the glare of daylight scare us?
K Balachandran Sep 2018
Long necks held high,
Ostriches in a huddle;
Far palmyrah palms!
Clive Blake Sep 2017
People call me ugly,
And other hurtful names,
I'm often ostri-sized,
My feathers used for games.

They say the Ugly-Duckling
Grew up to be a swan,
And though I'm still but very young,
They ask me What went wrong?
I'm left here on my own-some;
And feel so sad and blue,
Well, you would feel the same
If you were an ... emu.
Ana S May 2016
Me talking to humans is like an ostrich flying.
I talked to Rianna about this yesterday.
she told me I was an odd human.
I told her indeed very strange.
Stranger than most.
Then we talked. Very interesting conversation adopt the female kind and ostriches and flying.
All relating back to humans.
The only human I can talk to in person easily is Emily. I just have trouble approaching  her.
That's really bad.
I can talk to someone but can't go up to them.
I can approach some girls but can't talk to them without stuttering.
Rianna approached me one day and randomly asked what's good?
I just stared blankly.
Felt like an idiot.
I can't talk!!!!!
Talking is not a talent that comes easy to me.
That's okay though.
I can observe.
It's okay.
I'm sure humans love me the way i am.
Even if I'm silence.
That's okay.
I'm okay.
For once in a long time I'm okay.
Don't know if it was the girl yesterday or a rush of mania.
Yes it could be mania.
Mania pushing me high.
This is where I'm dangerous.
I get mean when mania takes over me.
I change when mania holds me close.
Mania makes me social and unafraid because I have it to fear.
The effects it will have on me.
Mania strangles the depression then goes for me.
Mania is not good.
A conversation with a girl leading to mania (Note to Em: rianna is not the girl. I only talk to her sometimes.)
Summer Michelle Dec 2015
You opened your mouth and let me in. For the first time, you let me in. You never cared, you never will, you’ll never know how to. I tried to force it, I tried to make it, and you never wanted it.

In her mind, things were flying
Chairs, plates, pillows and knives
Every argument turned violence when our pages didn’t match
The screaming and yelling with nothing shouted back
Eyes rolling, no acknowledgement
She blew up and he never batted an eye

He said, “I can’t even love myself, how could I love you?”
And she looked into the street they were walking into
Deserted, dark, dull, as empty as the hope for this love
The concrete making a soft landing for the fall
“I just never cared the way I should have,” he said
Such a cold fear she thought, that he never could

She used to see a fire in every fight she spat
When he’d just stare blank at the wall, nothing in mind
“Chill out” the only words he’d say when she got heated
She would feel the flames growing in her mind
The knives would fly, and the plates would shatter
Like her words and all hope for this love

We walked that neighborhood in its entirety, as we almost did with writing our story. Some things may just never have an ending, and I guess I’ll have to be okay with that.

I’m black and you’re white
You may think I’m following your shadow,
But there is no grey area
I’m too dark and you’re too light

No matter how much I want it to, this story will always be open for any ending, good or bad, and we’ll never know for sure if we could have made it. No matter how much I’d like it to, this story of ours will never sell written and left open.

She loved him with everything she had to love with
A broken heart, spirit and with all of her missing pieces
She projected her past demons onto what could have been her angel
She took his wings and thought she burned them
He smiled at her when she said she was sorry
“It’s not too late to say sorry.” he joked, “But you shouldn’t be.”

“I never cared enough to get hurt by you”
He didn’t hold back, “I could have told you to go to hell”
“I didn’t need to talk to you again, I was done.”
She began to hold on to his past tense use of his sharp words
But she shortly began to see that he would always be out of her reach
She could wait forever and he’d never want her heart

Lying next to him she felt like she was with her own love
The love she had to give was holding her, not his hands
The fire of anger, and the sharp objects flying felt so far away
Not the same her that she used to be with him but he didn’t believe
He felt so close and so far lying beneath her
She wanted to hold on, but she knew there was nothing to hold on to

The harder I tried, the further you pulled away. So after you said all that you said, I knew that I had to let go. I can’t try anymore. You’ll never want me the way I’ll always want you. I’ll never have you the way you’ll always have me.
Mercury Chap Jun 2015
No matter how much you lift me
I would remain to be an ostrich
Even while having wings
I couldn't fly.
Kate Lion Feb 2013
in a room full of peacocks
i am now an ostrich
and i don't know if any of you know how it feels to be a splash of grey in a room full of brilliant blues and greens
it's like being a lonely, pitiful cloud against a blue sky with leafy trim
maybe i have my head in the sand because i don't want to be shallow
but you'd be right if you guessed it's because i actually don't want to be seen when my face looks like this
which is such a cowardly thing to do
(i really shouldn't care)
i read Journey to the Center of the Earth in middle school,
and the only thing i remember is that it was the volcanoes that erupted (like the hives that erupted across my face this past week) that led them to find it-
the heart of life and natural beauty; more breathtaking than the flawless plumage of the peacocks

— The End —