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david mitchell Apr 2017
Trust me, give me your seed,
I'll let your roots grow into me,
We can face our leaves towards the sea.
We could grow intertwined,
Into a lock without a key.
We could grow a color filled canopy,
That blossoms into a lush mess of romantic beauty.
Let's let our sad hearts atrophy,
And together, become a tree,
Just you and me.
why was the topic tree? you made me write a happy prospecting poem, that was hard.
Atoosa Apr 2017
I kissed you goodbye that rainy night
Under the Tree in the Sacred Garden
Not realizing as I left for my flight
I would never see my lover again

The man who swore undying love
Would soon be gone and in his place
A cruel cold coward I never dreamed of
To cancel promises and plans erase

Was Iceman inside you ready to strike
If ever anyone got too close?
Tearing down trust and faith alike
Punishing me  for loving you most
Still awaken to the reality of  shattered dreams.....small comfort to know the Sacred Tree still stands witness

" God will not have his work made manifest by cowards. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dhaara T Apr 2017
You may fail
To bear fruit
But you're there
To give shade

To my sorrows
Dhaara T Feb 2017
Under the naked tree
They saw each other drenched in silver moonlight
Revelling in a mad dance of love
Echoing moans through the night

Two lost souls
Had found one another
To lose themselves
To each other

They'd found their spot
Where not a being would intervene
So there, they reunited, each night
Sparking a silent fire, in this place so serene

Under the naked tree
Revelling in each other's sight
Began a mad dance of love
Echoing moans through the night

Tides rose, and winds spooked passers-by
As from him, sweet kisses, she stole
A soul, free from the binds of its corpse
Had just found another, to make her a whole
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
A tree older than my great grandparents
would stand outside majestically
with impressive length ,height and strength
spreading across densely above
A home to many birdies
Which love to swing and sing
their cheerful songs to wake me
Me and my friend have various memories,
playing around ,over , beneath this tree ,
This tree served many years , many people
each day , without a leave
and will serve even more after me
Nylee Apr 2017
tell us
how to be
They patiently
wait for their fruits
And give them away to anyone
Nor they ever deny us their shade
Their leaves may change colour
with changing climate
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2017
Its form was made for sky,
Reaching into hung heavens.

In the amniotic soils are blood
Veins of bone becoming root.

At the earths breaking is light
Green within the sprouts barking.

To the golden sun on its journey,
The trunks ring into skies praying.

More leaves do come as everlasted
Springs in new revolutions of years.

All the twined branches are knotted
As they grasp the blue firmaments.

And scriptures of heavens proclaim,
Here be journaled leaves, life seeding.
MU Apr 2017
Tell me the story
About the war
And the mother
Who used to worry
Under your branches
About her son so far
Away from her
In the trenches

About the two lovers
Who used to coddle
Each other
Next to you
Who carved their name
On your trunk
Who promised
To remain
A couple
And never let
Their flame
And wait
Until the war
Comes to an end
So they can

Tell me
Of the little girl
Who used to scream
And jump
Around your trunk
And sometimes pump
Into you
So that you
Would rain
A few leaves
On her hair

What about...
The fire!
Who brought you hell
So that
You can’t tell
All the secrets
You know
To the crow
And inspire
The young men
Sitting there
To write stories
About you

Tell me
About your story..
If trees could only talk...
Danika Apr 2017
my favorite picture of myself
was taken in a redwood forest

I stood next to a tree
at the age of seventeen
and the height of six feet
and about 130 pounds

and for once
I felt short
and not the giant myself
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