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Zoe G May 2018
Hello friend,
Are we friends?
Yes we are,
But what kind of friends are we?
The best one,
So, can I trust you?
No, you can't,
So, can I relay on you?
No, you can't,
So, how the hell can we be best friends?
Jamie Rose Jan 2018
I barely recognize myself anymore
When I was young I knew what I wanted when I grew up
Am I even growing anymore?
I feel stuck
I can't breathe here anymore
I've become too large for this small town
How will I get out without the brains or the talent to do it?
Am I here for a reason?
What is my life supposed to look like?
I feel like I've made a wrong turn in the universe
My heart is somewhere else and I can't find it
It left without saying goodbye
Where am I meant to end up?
How am I supposed to get there?
Why am I going through these things?
Do I even matter anymore?
Have I done all I can for this world and now am I just waiting for death?
ride never showed up
boss not answering
guess I'm not working today
© 2016  J.J.W. Coyle
M G Hsieh Jun 2016
The setting sun rises a little higher,

settling deep
into a heliotropic sandstorm.

I wait on you, this black night
like all other nights,

find myself scattered by the distance.
depraVed Aug 2015
I am the equation of infinite outcome.
Why then, do the sum of my actions divide my attention from the equation itself.
Either the theory is flawed or the law is wrong.
Don't quote this quotient it isn't divisible.
It's almost as if this is an inverse operation.
The properties aren't proportional to the level of difficulty.
The answer is adjacent to one before.
The problem is,
I always get the same answer.
Chansee Williams Apr 2015
Do You Pretend To Be Sad ?
When I Walk By You
Or Innocent
To Get My Attention?
Because I Do So ..
To See If You Really Care
Tommy Johnson Apr 2014
Isn't weird that while in the process of living, you're also in the process of dying?
That as soon you are gifted life you are already marked for death?

Another dimension?
Just a dream?
Or is this all on repeat?
Just another story being retold over and over
We all begin with life and end in death
But what we do with the time between the two certainties is what actually counts

— The End —