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An expert in mycology,
Of Norsian biology,
And fjordian psychology,
A troll, I troll the livelong day.
I troll the livelong day away.
Mushrooms for dinner, breakfast, and lunch:
My comrades call me Edvard Munch.  
In lyric peaces I live in league
With Jean Sibelius and Edvard Grieg.

Poetic T Feb 9
I graze on your fields,
eating the grass..

But I,m never thirsty
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
Dear car behind me,
I want medium well fries.
Let's sit together
SassyJ Jan 2016
Verse 1
You are the wind that blows
I am a book that you read
Condensing chapters told
My feeble mind relearns
To search the eons of bliss

Verse 2
You are the scent I breathe
I am a nomad that strolls
Guarding blooming depths
Your inner eye is my sight
To trigger seasons afar

Verse 3
Your skin is my shiny glow
I am a mass that revolves
Reflecting the mirrored view
You review within my insight
To align the guarded tusks

I will never punch you
Neither munch you
A sway in desire
I will never judge you
Neither nudge you
A swing to inspire
To an essence ever present felt but not seen!
Rockie Nov 2014
Judge, Jury and Executioner
Grudge, Unruly and T-Rex Dinosaur
Munch, Lunch and Gulp

Yours truly,
        The Judge, Jury and Executioner eaten by the T-Rex
Just something random that sprung to mind XD

— The End —