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ft lauderdale   


jeffrey conyers Jun 2013
New modern moms.
Hold no chance to competing against the old school moms.
With less they did their best.
With more they control the house.

With few.
Many modern moms complains.
As if the old school moms didn't do the same.

It's just that they had moral support.
From their very own mothers.
Who didn't want their grand children's to be complete trouble.?

Ask many of the old school kids?
Who wasn't afraid of their grand parents?
Rules back then was a lot different.

Parents was your guidance.
While today many wants to be their friends.
Instead of being their parents.

And many times you didn't have an option to visit church.
It was a written rule of the requirements.
To pay God your dues.
And skipping school wasn't in the mix.
If you quit.
It was really to help your parents.
Who might have been struggling?
And again, they might not have let you.

Yes, modern moms don't have the patience.
Least, like the old school moms had in our youth.
Now, there are a few that reminds you of yours.

Just by noticing the things they do.
I guess in away.
I'm saluting them too.

The new moms of the modern days.
Who simply won't let the child have their way?