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Ezinne Feb 2020
Everyone longed to hear the thoughts of the sky,
And see the sun once again smile,
To feel the essence of life ,
Forever into the light they wish to dive.

But once again darkness overcame,
A sickness with no cure,
Fear black,
Blood red,
True love wanted by all,
For hope so far lost we fall asleep,
Into our dreams gone so deep.

Like a fire burning in the dark rain,
Trying to stand high knowing it would no longer shine again,
Suddenly she arrives,
Everyone looking up to the sky,
Joyful they laugh and play,
Slowly darkness fades away,
Slowly sadness goes away.

Bright to their sight,
Life again comes out to fight,
With the love of a mother,
The light becomes stronger,
Once again a small town is saved by the love of a mother.
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
The puffs.
Those mini puffs.
Then round, yellow, mini puffs.
Making things seem happy.
Making things smelll nice.
Making things simple and beautiful.
Tickling when touched.
Teaching us about love,
Warmth and family.
Round, puffy, fuzzy, yellow and petable
Yet tiny:
The yellow baby mums.
aisha Apr 2018
the night I decided to let you go
and stop feeling sorry
for the both of us
the world gave me things
that She knows would help
me go through another night
without you

my mum's voice
to help me soothe the wounds
before it turn into battle scars

the island breeze
to help me carry the blades
out from my heart and into
the darkness of yesterday

the midnight rain
to help me stay calm
to help me sleep and
to help me dream of rainbows
and healed soul
She give it to me because she knows I'm ready for it
Inspiration Jun 2016
The wonderful woman
Who would bash her head against the wall in pain,
Scream, agonising
Over why

Why her,
Why did she deserve the pain
The pain of her husband the love of her life

Doing it again...

This time he did it better and had a mate to play with her mind.

She was strong
Really now,
I know she disclosed
Such small things

Her love for me is immense

She wanted me to have what she had
Prayed for it
Prayed for us both

My sister chose a different path
Mum didn't agree
She wanted us to be loved

She knew it was possible and hoped
With every ounce

The pain we were in
Broke her
How did she find this man
marry him  
be persuaded to have babies to him

For him to leave and abuse

Not just her; but she watched over as he destroyed her innocent babies.

We watched her fall apart
rebuild herself
Back together

All the while getting abuse
Watching us hope and pray with her
He would realise

Wonderful woman you are to me
My beautiful mum
kelly huckle Jun 2015
My mum is so beautiful
My mum is so kind
My mum is so sweet
I love my mum so much
My mum gave me life
Thank you mum you gave me
a lot when you had 6 other children to see too you done it on your own thank you mum
Am sorry for all the fights and squabbles.
I thank you for giving me a roof over my head and comfort when I was weak. Love you mum

— The End —