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Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You want me to wear
logos in my hair
and purchase
the matching scarf?

A billboard for sale
at the human scale
Sporting your brand
Oh, what a larf!

Go Team Go!
Print on a throw
For the low price
of fifty-four dollars

I'd rather be happy
not buying your sappy
stuff that you sport
on your collars

you tell me to buy
because i'll look fly
and fill up my closet
with swagger

Believe when I say
not one single day
I'll fall to the dance
of your dagger!
We are walking, talking billboards.  How much does the NFL pay you to advertise their brand on your body?
I got dumped on by a blue jay
While out sitting in my yard
The fact that I'm a Tigers fan
Made the bombing rather hard

I do not like the red birds
I mean, the team can't pitch or hit
But, I'm sure that if I pick on them
One will fly by me and ****

The Orioles, I do not like
I guess you've got the scoop
If I pick on them as well
One will fly by me and ****

There's a ball team down in Mexico
The parrots, to them I'll tip my cap
Because you know, if I 'dis them
One will fly overhead and crap

There are other teams named after birds
I don't know them you?
So, I will let them off the hook
In case one comes by to pooh!
CK Baker May 2017
five for fighting
hands to the face
personal foul
player disgrace

illegal contact
leap in the fray
willful head shot
legs astray

encroachment defense
mouth guard out
rough at the whistle
back field bout

grounding the pigskin
horse collar tackle
clip from behind

knee on knee
offside end
unnecessary roughness
too many men

gross misconduct
thumb in the eye
hooking the shooter
sticks up high

match ejection
over the top
face off folly
penalty shot

unsportsmanlike conduct
chopping the block
slew foot infraction
hammer lock

stick to the head
kick in the crotch
**** end jab
adhering the watch

slashing the d man
spearing the wing
running the keeper
back checking

intentional grouding
stoppage in play
punching and hacking
delay of the game

striking the ref
aggressor in fight
obstructing the line out
ear in a bite

loss of downs
hands in the ruck
pinching and boarding
illegal upchuck

rules of the battle
so softly spoken
pushing the limits
without being broken
Nothing like the playoff season!
CK Baker Jan 2017
Quiet are the fields
with ghosts
from pennants past
the aces
and cutters
set idly away
from the maple
spread fall
soft sounds
of Sunday
(chilling on the boneyard)
telling tales of
validated stars
and wheel house legends
the rally cap sluggers
with mahogany eyes

Mustard colors
in floating mists
give a bite
to sublime skies
scattered walkers
trip to the hole
their spit buckets
and spigots
pressed into
pure life form
bikers and loners
and curious coffee goers
mill about the horn
whispering numbers
from an old
Keelman heaving

Alley lookers
and Mendoza lines
screachers, bleachers
from years gone by
dancing fingers
and cracks at the bat
(from the big time Timmy Jim)
the 9th inning gunner
with sinker
and slider
and imposing
brush back *****
the game day citizen
and dugout warrior
who lit it up
in Rockwell fame
Gotta love October, and the World Series!
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