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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Der Abschied (“The Parting”)
by Bertolt Brecht
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

We embrace;
my fingers trace
rich cloth
while yours encounter only moth-
eaten fabric.
A quick hug:
you were invited to the gay soiree
while the minions of the "law" relentlessly pursue me.
We talk about the weather
and our eternal friendship's magic.
Anything else would be too bitter,
too tragic.

German text:

Der Abschied

Wir umarmen uns.
Ich fasse reichen Stoff
Du fassest armen.
Die Umarmung ist schnell
Du gehst zu einem Mahl
Hinter mir sind die Schergen.
Wir sprechen vom Wetter und von unserer
Dauernden Freundschaft. Alles andere
Wäre zu bitter.

Published by Poetry on Demand, The HyperTexts and Ghani Project

Keywords/Tags: Bertolt Brecht, German, translation, parting, farewell, ****, law, minions, henchmen, thugs, pursuit, chase, embrace, hug, rich, cloth, threadbare, soiree, dinner, meal, event, eternal, friendship, bitter, weather, exile
Aztec Cathrine Feb 2019
The best thing about me is..
I'm limited edition.
There are no other copies.
Bet your thinking thank the good lord.

I've finally lost my mind.
If found,
Don't bother to return it.
It wasn't working properly anyway..

How to make sure You're a normal person:
1)You have Facebook
2)You have a cell phone
4)You're wasting your time reading this
5)You didn't notice there is no number 3
7)You just checked to see if there is no number 3
8)Wheres number 6, idiot?
9)You're now smiling because you know you're an idiot
10)Wheres number 1?
11)You believed me and went back to check
12)You're not normal at all

I hate it when you have to BE NICE
to someone you want to throw a brick at.

If we get caught, you are deaf.
And I can't speak English.

My brain is like the Bermuda Triangle.
Information goes in and
then is never found again.

Whenever you feel sad,
just remember...
there is an idiot somewhere in this world
pulling a door that say push.

It takes real skill to choke on air,
fall up stairs,
and fall over completely nothing.
I have that skill..

You know you can smack something to get it to work?
I wish I could do that with people.

"Username and Password is incorrect"
...Well at least tell me which one it is.

Just because I can't sing,
doesn't mean I won't sing.

If I can make at least one person smile
or *** their pants,
My day was not wasted.

The biggest lie I tell myself is
'I don't need to write it down,
Ill remember it.'

I wonder how police officers on bikes arrest people.
Police man: "OK, now get in the basket."

You are just jealous because I'm *******,
and people still love me. <3
Also I don't own ANY of these. I just was looking for inspiration and I found these sayings. I hope they make you laugh. like they did to me XD Also, all of these are TRUE for me.
Brent Kincaid Jun 2018
Trumpstrumpets, look what you have done.
You couldn’t have done worse if you use a gun.
You are so blind you don’t see where this is leading.
Because of your madness, civil rights are bleeding.
All over the civilized world, he turned back the clock.
Because of his greed, America is a laughing stock.
We listen to your excuses and his lies and shake.
This idea that he is a good man is a major mistake.

He always was a liar and a cheat, from the start.
He swindles, dodges and appears to have no heart.
It’s all about him and his ego and who he can cheat.
If he an become emperor his agenda will be complete.
He can dispense with laws and rules and can instead
Sit on his golden throne and cry, “Off with his head!”
And you people who never seem to have read the bible
Say he is a godly person is a straight up case of libel.

So Trumpstrumpets, keep on telling yourself lies
About how he is so trustworthy, good and wise
When the truth is you all should be hiding and blushing
Because the man is nothing but a tool for the Russians.
He’s out to feather his own nest and line his pockets.
Meanwhile, he is setting us up for bombs and rockets.
We are part of a global village of international trust.
This one man, is turning our sterling image to rust.
This one amounts to lyrics to a song. Feel free to make up your own tune, I haven't yet.
Paul Gilhooley May 2016
Thomas, Edward, Percy, James,
There is a point, not random names,
Scarlet, Kevin, Stuart, Bob,
I've not gone insane, become a ****.

Manny, Diego, Granny, Sid,
I've not gone hypo like some kid,
Twelve random names that mean great fun,
When watching telly with my son!

© Cinco Espiritus Creation
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
The earth is the devils playground
Fear He loves to spread all around
On friday the 13th He turned it lose on France
He let his minions do their dance
There is no way of stoping him
He does whatever he wants on a whim
He minions number in the millions
Never knowing which ones they are, they look like civilians
The devil entices them to blow themselfs up
He whispers lies, "you'll be drinking from that heavenly cup"
The devil knows there will be more
Trillions of them wanting to settle the score
All we can do is pray to a callous God, who long ago quit listening to our cries
Us never knowing why
So we bury our dead
Try to comfort ourselves with something inspirational said
As we watch the earth turning red
Political correctness has reached a brand new low
It has now reached good and evil
And has changed things down below

The devil is still the devil,
That much has not changed
But, the food is all organic
And the meat is all free range

I didn't know the changes 'till
I made a plea last week
To sell my soul for increased wealth
And other things I seek

I expected a commotion
When the devil came from hell
But, there was nothing quite so flashy
When someone...rang my bell

I answered thinking nothing much
I looked outside to check
I am wary of the Mormons
and Jehovahs on my deck

I looked outside and there I saw
A man dressed all in grey
A poll taker, election geek
Let's see what he may say

"Good day, kind sir, I come to you"
"You wanted to be rich"
I thought he isn't from no bank of mine
He said "Sir, just call me Mitch"

"Mitch", I said, "I don't know how"
"you'd know I want to sell my soul"
He told me that was why he's here
To get a deal done was his goal

I said, "why use the door bell"
"Why not the cloud of smoke"
He said "with budget cuts'
"Pyrotechnics made us   broke"

"The PC folks got wind of us"
"of our tricks and double speak"
"Now, you sign away your soul to us"
"but, you can get out within the week"

"We can't go by the same old name"
"Hell is not allowed"
"We're H...E...double hockey sticks"
"Try saying that aloud"

"It doesn't have the forcefulness"
"That the other word once had"
"we can call it heck, if we're in a pinch"
"You can see, it's got quite sad"

"The contracts are all readable"
"You don't have to sign in blood"
"With *** and STD's"
"It may as well be mud"

"A soul still has some meaning"
"But, as you yourself can see"
"The devil stays at home now"
"And sends his minions me"

"I have a small brochure for you"
"You have choices, please pick six"
"It's more a club, a health resort"
"In H...E...double sticks"

"I can't get out, I'm stuck for good"
"I signed my deal before"
"The PC people got us good"
"And now...we use the door"

"Please look over the contract"
"Take your time, and read it close"
"You'll find it is a real good read"
"With language, non verbose"

"If you should have some questions"
"change your mind,  or want to tour"
"Just call me on my cell phone
"I'm at star66 extension 4"

"I'm sure you'll still come down  to us"
"It's not so bad, you'll see"
"Just call me when you're ready"
"You've got time, now we're PC"
Emily Tyler May 2013
She may be ******.
And she may check my fingers-
Slam her hard metal pole down on them-
Each time we practice lacrosse.
And she may roll her eyes

But I don't hate her.
I feel sorry for her.
Because I think I'm the only one
Who pays attention
Through the laughter and fun
He touches her.

And she makes a joke out of it
So her minions snap out of their dazed state and
Chuckle a little bit.
But his crawling fingers are greedy
And her words are scarce.

All of the brain-dead minions
Laugh when she jokingly screams,

Except me.

— The End —