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Cole M Dec 2019
Me has podrido la carne,
ya fétida y flácida, atada
a esta infértil existencia.
Sin rebeldía alguna
me someto a tu yugo.
Derramemos mi sangre
y bailemos sobre mis
lágrimas en el fango.
Asqueados de este ente,
aniquilemos mi esencia.
Raquel Butler Sep 2018
It is dark
there is not enough sun here
to make you feel okay again
and you may be in the sunshine state
but your insides are the deep hollowed
the shadows cast on the cement
there is no reprieve
there is no intermission
there is just tired and exhausted and
falling too many times to count
constantly spiraling
constantly finding ways to survive
through this cycle
through this rough patch
it's the third time this week you've
cried yourself to sleep and its
only Tuesday morning
but somehow you remember that
even with each breaking feels like
so ******* close to the edge
that even though each falling feels
like you might never breathe again
somehow you remember that you
have been here so many times before
and there may be no reprieve
and there is definitely no intermission
but even though tired and exhausted and falling
you have survived this far
you may not be sure you'll ever
make it out of the shadows
but you're pretty **** sure
you'll keep on surviving anyway
this is about my personal experience with "depression"
Devin Ortiz Sep 2018
Symptomatic time bomb.
Deluded delusions of ethereal projections,
A dissociated self of severe sorrow.
Louder now, the crooning calls,
The malevolent mayhem of voices.
Sleepless nights, onset insomnia.
A refuge from reality is lacking.
Dreams sent packing.
Nightmares walk.
People talk.
And time offers no relief.
Crawling inside, fear growing.
Fiendish thoughts, lethal insanity.
Scribe away, transference of pain.
Words trapped between pages,
A book of demons, all of them screaming.
Bound by a spine of mental failing.
Fold the latch, turn the key.
Bury this *******'s tale.
Rinse and repeat,
With each rising defeat.
And pray the delay of further tells,
These fortunes of the lost amd the broken.
Amber Apr 2016
I am constraint
In a constraint body
I move from thought to thought
race  between a permanent
I hear a screaming voice
and it´s my own
She´s screaming out my own
deepest   secrets
Who  did I tell my  shame?
If not you
You keep me, in a confinement
locked in among my frustrated fears
morbidly amused by their strenght
I  stay in here.
Where else  would I go
If  not   back to you.
Amber Sep 2015
at last she lays  still
how frigid and stiff she may be
I can never find a way to touch her
I still cannot escape the curves
You fill me  in  the middle of
a lonesome afternoon
From the shadows
rising to find my wounds
Against the rough embrace of heaven
flows my  nightmares
How my fighting spirit will endure them all!
This is a time when
All I love  wants to devour me.

— The End —