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jrml Mar 22
I remember the last time I saw your face,
It was all smiling like a donut glaze.
Though you can tell from those lazy eyes,
The sadness of these sweet lullabies.

If I could turn back time once again,
I would rather go back to where end begins.
Cuz if I go back to where it starts,
It will only end up that we are apart.

The clouds getting darker and the rain is about to start.
I wish these words could save our heart.
Patience and love is all we got
We will get there I swear, we will get there
when the time calls our shot.
I miss you so much!
jrml Mar 21
I love how you find
comfort in my voice.
Thank you for trusting me
in your most vulnerable state.

I wish you could feel the warmth of my voice
through these airwaves and thoughts.

I wish you could feel how tightly
I am hugging you right now through my voice.
One day...
it will be more than this voice

but a promise
of eternity that

you and me will be one body!
jrml Nov 2017
On this day we were
able to taste a glimpse
of each other's soul.
We exchange deep
As we sanctify
our body as one.
Everything is real.
It is very surreal!
Every drop of sweat is
sweet. Every moment
lasts forever.
A perfect warmth
surrounds us.
Your hair covering
my face as our
Hands explore the
wilderness of life.
Darkness is
not bothering.
Your bright eyes smile
On top of me.
It silently
screams and yells
that you love me.
It is captivating.
With lips lock and bitten,
We can hear everything
Perfectly, heart beat
by heart beat.
All we know is that
time is so fast
And we are trying
so hard to
make it slow
and last forever.
As if tomorrow is
just an illusion.
And now will

Please never end...
#Love #Desperate #Hope
jrml Nov 2017
I miss you.

Its been a year
since the last time we
first met after so
many long years of distance.
I hope that someday,
ill still see you again like
the sun meets the eye and
the moon kiss goodnight
and the gentle breeze
that always whispers
into thy ears.
Nothing is wasted
All is cherished
Even the seeds that bare fruit
And the sweet agony of pain.
Take care and
I'm always here for
you no
matter what.
jrml Oct 2017
Have you ever
had a weirdest dream?
That all you can do is
nothing but enjoy the scene?
I do...
Since the day you left me.
jrml Oct 2017
A good shake shall it vanish,
The night's nightingale over Paris.
It may, maybe or not.
But the scar jot its face  deep as it cuts!

Forever will be restless.
Perception takes control.
Impeccable taste of this lonely soul,
Reach upon despicable baloney.

The wine filled itself overflowing,
Left a mark of salt unseen  and overwhelming.
Unwittingly starving to ecstatic memory,
Behind the dreadful stretch of angst.

Now, this ecstasy's relentlessly vibrating,
Through a confused track of unflinching speed.
Unifying with eternity, hoping endlessly,
Nothing fades, nothing fades, nothing fades! 

Tomorrows path of planned uncertainty,
Paved a way of connecting two sanity.
Its important not to be unhappy,
Enjoying the triviality that someday can be a reality.

Hold on tight!
jrml Oct 2017

Let's put everything behind for now
And let's focus on this one
For the future lies on this trust
And both of us must adjust.

Things might change a little bit
With time, it takes you and me to face it.
On the long run we need to choose
Who's to keep and who's to lose.

Until when are we going to be like this?
Hiding ones pain? , believing each others lie?
But this soul has fallen so deep already
Will you catch me? You know I will.

I need answers right now, and you don't
No rush, but make it fast.
Cause a fruit force to ripe must sacrifice a lot;
The sweetness of tongue might end up to none.

When will secrets expire?
You are the one I aspire.
But this conscience is killing me
We are ******* on the ones we have.

And now let's make choices on this vow.
Me or him, you or her, decision must be made.
For whatever reasons and results will be.
Remember that you'll always gonna have a part of me.

I love you though we are forbidden...

— The End —