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miranda schooler Dec 2013
marry someone who lets you have a bite of their brownie , 
even when you said you weren’t hungry . 
marry someone who laughs at the same things you do .
marry someone who kisses your nose on a cold day . 
marry someone who you can watch disney movies with . 
marry someone who is proud of you whether you earn $5 a week or $5,000 a week . 
marry someone who you can tell everything to . marry someone who isn’t afraid or embarrassed to hold your hand in
public .
marry someone who you can spend the day in Ikea with without feeling stressed . 
marry someone who wraps you up inside their coat in the winter . 
marry someone who accepts your fears and phobias . 
marry someone who gives you butterflies every time you hear their key in the door . 
marry someone who you don’t always have to shave your legs for . 
marry someone who accepts you all day every day , even when you don’t look or feel your best . 
marry someone who puts three sugars in your tea , despite telling them 
“ just the two ” . 
marry someone who doesn’t judge you when you eat your body weight in cookies . 
marry someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone, because you know they will reply .
marry someone who waits with you to get on the train . 
marry someone who understands that you need to be alone sometimes .
marry someone who gets on well with your parents and isn’t uptight about family events . 
marry someone who calms you down when you get mad about stupid stuff , and never tells you it’s “ only stupid stuff ” . 
marry someone who makes you want to be a better person . 
marry someone who makes you laugh . 
marry someone who you love . 
marry your soulmate , your lover , 
your best friend .
Robyn Jul 2014
Marry the person who says "and I love you" after every other thing. Marry the person who lets you borrow their favourite shirt. Marry the person who remembers what you like. Who goes to the movie theater early to buy the tickets. Marry the person who rubs your shoulders when you lean forward, so you don't have to ask them to. Marry the person who gives you the last bite of everything. Give it back to them. Marry the person who's willing to watch movies they hate with you, just because you love them. Watch movies they love instead. Marry the person who's scent you can recognize across a room. Who surprises you with little, meaningful things. Who knows a lot about music. Marry the person who can always make you laugh, if only out if unbridled joy when they're not funny. Who considers you home. Who you can tell all your deepest, I really mean deepest secrets. And who can tell you theirs. Marry the person who you smile about. Marry the person who smiles about you. Marry the person who looks at you with complete open jawed awe, eyes bright and fixed, smile indelibly grafted on their face. Marry the person who makes you feel like you're in a movie every time they kiss you. Marry the person you know you need. The person who needs you. And need each other, forever.
Lorraine Cinco Apr 2017
Remember the glass house im talking about? The house inside the forest?
Buy and built me that house, then I will marry you.
Buy me a car, send me to driving school, allow me to drive and let me take you to everywhere
then I will marry you.
Promised me to attend all the festivals here in the Philippines.
lets dance, sing and lost to every corner of the street
then I will marry you.
Lets take a ride to a dolphin, dive with them deeper as much as we could
then I will marry you.
Lets take a flight to Europe, see the sunset in Santorini,
take my dream shot to the beautiful Eiffel tower and walk me around to the Rome City
then I will marry you.
Im afraid of heights but lets take a jump to 15000 ft above the ground and if we could do that
then I will marry you.
believe in the God I believed in, my God said strong faith can move mountains and if we're two we could make it through,
then I will marry you.
You know how to make me happy but if you could do it every minute,  
then I will marry you.
If this is too much too much to ask for, then just love me till I die and l will marry you..
Dont ask me to love you, because I already do,
that's why I will marry you.
Published it last July 28, 2013 in my blog and forgot when I actually made it.  Made some revisions.  Hope you like it.
Natasha Feb 2016
Marry me.
I know it sounds absolutely crazy,
But I’m absolutely crazy
About you at least
And I just need you to know I want you to
Marry me.
For my photographic memory
Of the day we met
And how I leaned down and looked you in your eyes
And memorized every inch of the moment
Because I knew it’d be significant.
Marry me.
For the summer I turned 15
Where my whole world changed,
Because slowly,
My poems became all about you.
And so did my thoughts.
And my whole body melted
The day we held hands laughing to ourselves.
It was only probably a minute
But the feeling of your hand in mine gave me enough happiness
To last me a lifetime
Which is how long I want you to
Marry me.
For all the times you repaired a broken heart
With just your laugh.
Like that time we were in the car
Both singing loudly
(And probably obnoxiously)
To a song that meant everything
And I thought, “This girl is going to make me so happy.”
I was absolutely right.
I want to be right forever so please
Marry me.
So I can show you how beautiful you are
For the rest of our lives.
Because I know sometimes you doubt it
But I promise you
I have seen and created countless images
But the most beautiful one I’ve seen so far
Has been you as your eyes flutter open
First thing in the morning.
I want to wake up to you every morning
So please, for the love of God
Marry me.
For the times you develop a Southern accent
When you get nervous
And even though you get shy about it when I mention it
I think it’s adorable.
Marry me.
For the times yet to come.
Like when we go away to college together
And we finally don’t live 1600 miles apart
And I can finally buy you flowers every 16th,
And hold you in my arms whenever you feel sad.
For the time where my hands will shake
When I finally ask you formally
The most important question of my life
And hopefully you say yes
Because God knows I just want you to
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me, baby.
Because calling you my girlfriend is so **** good
But calling you my wife will be even better.
And knowing you’re mine to love
And hold for the rest of eternity
will be the most honorable thing about me.
I’ve never been the most confident person
Or the most decisive
But I’m confident about you
I’m confident about us.
I’m confident about the day we met.
The day we kissed.
The days in December.
The day you finally felt the same way
And today,
One year later,
i’m confident that I want you to
Marry me.
For all the love I still have to show you
For all the time I still need with you
Because *******’re too amazing
And a year is just not enough.
So how about forever?
Marry me.
Marry me.
Nancy E Tracy Jan 2015
Talent, good looks and all the rest
Tall, adorable, he was the best

Kind and decent, owns his own business
Man of mystery, wild and ****

The things you want
in the man you marry

They don't always necessarily




Choose wisely girls.....
Famous Isaacs Jun 2014
I’m a child and not a bride, but
Last month you made me marry you.
You know it wasn’t love that made me say yes
But the fear of what shape my death could take
If I were to turn you down. Of course
I had no voice. I could only muse to myself
In the dark closet and imagine myself
A mother at thirteen: would it be awesome?
Would it be dreadful? Would it…? I died of anxiety.

Last month you made me marry you.
I had no time to discover me for myself:
Who I was, what I was, what I wanted to be;
I had no time to think before I had to say yes.
But it pains my bones to the marrow.
I am an unripe fruit for the eating.
I am a piece for the show-glass.

Last month you made me marry you.
I spent nights upon nights weeping over how you’ve
Broken me; how you’ve set my life ablaze
Like a forest in a wildfire;
And now the once-upon-a-time sweet sounding music
Of my soul is burnt into silence.
I have forgotten the dialect of my soul.
I hush. I hush. I hush. I hush. I hush.
You have beaten silence into me,
And now I have to prepare to moan and wail
Beneath your weight, while I watch you helplessly
As you bite into my innocence,
As you suckle the un-ripeness out of me,
As you dig into my childhood and pleasure yourself
In the childhood screams you hear from me.
But it isn’t the fun that makes me scream.
It is the bitter pain of knowing, of remembering
That my life ended at thirteen:

Broken like a fallen calabash
In the hands of a fifty-five year old man.
2013, in Nigeria, a 55-year old Senator married a 13-year old girl. The #ChildNotBride campaign against the senator's decision was born.
The end of the affair is always death.
She's my workshop. Slippery eye,
out of the tribe of myself my breath
finds you gone. I horrify
those who stand by. I am fed.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

Finger to finger, now she's mine.
She's not too far. She's my encounter.
I beat her like a bell. I recline
in the bower where you used to mount her.
You borrowed me on the flowered spread.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

Take for instance this night, my love,
that every single couple puts together
with a joint overturning, beneath, above,
the abundant two on sponge and feather,
kneeling and pushing, head to head.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

I break out of my body this way,
an annoying miracle. Could I
put the dream market on display?
I am spread out. I crucify.
My little plum is what you said.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

Then my black-eyed rival came.
The lady of water, rising on the beach,
a piano at her fingertips, shame
on her lips and a flute's speech.
And I was the knock-kneed broom instead.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

She took you the way a women takes
a bargain dress off the rack
and I broke the way a stone breaks.
I give back your books and fishing tack.
Today's paper says that you are wed.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.

The boys and girls are one tonight.
They unbutton blouses. They unzip flies.
They take off shoes. They turn off the light.
The glimmering creatures are full of lies.
They are eating each other. They are overfed.
At night, alone, I marry the bed.
Raj Arumugam Oct 2010
When I was a little boy, say when I was six, my dad calls to me and he says: Come, boy – let’s sit in our courtyard; let’s sit below the stars and I’ll tell you a story. It’s been told long in our village, and passed on from wise fathers to growing sons.

Long ago, goes the story
Farmer Somu wanted
his daughter Meena to marry
the Strongest in the world
and so he set out on a journey
with his daughter
to seek the World’s Strongest One

And what were they going to do, little boy? says my father to me. They are going to look for the Strongest One, I say; and my father says: Ah, you clever son of a clever man.

And when they walked
past the rice fields
they saw farmers
wiping their brows
and they said:
‘My, how strong the sun shines!’

‘Aha,’ said Somu, ‘I think
I’ve found the Strongest One.
Come, Meena,’ he said,
‘let’s talk to the Sun.’

And what do you think, my little boy, what do you think Somu asked the Sun?
And I say to my father: Oh Sun, Will you marry my daughter? And my father says, excitedly: Exactly! Exactly! Oh , you brilliant son of a brilliant man.

‘Oh Sun,
will you marry
my daughter
for she is the Prettiest
and you are the Strongest?’

‘But,’ said the Sun,
‘the cloud is stronger than I
for have you not noticed
how often the cloud
blocks me out
and I can’t do a thing
until he decides to move?’

And what do you think, my little boy, what do you think Somu replied to the Sun?
Oh, you weakling Sun – I’m not even talking to you! comes my quick reply. And my father says: Oh how right you are – you clever son of a clever man!

‘Weakling Sun
stand out of my way
and Oh you most powerful cloud –
will you marry my daughter
for she is Prettiest
and you the Strongest?’

And the Cloud replied:
‘But ah, I am not the Strongest
for the wind just blows me away!’

And what do you think, my clever boy, what do you think Somu did next? And I answer my dad: Well, dad - Farmer Somu drags his daughter Meena to the Wind. And my father says: Oh how right you are – you brilliant son of a brilliant man!

‘O Wind
you should marry
Meena who is Prettiest
in the world
as you are the Strongest.’

But the Wind replied:
‘Ah, you don’t know how Strong
the mountain is
for he blocks my way
and he breaks me down.’

And what do you think, my little boy, what do you think was Somu’s reply to the Wind?
Oh, you useless Wind – I’m ashamed I even considered you! I reply. And my father says: Oh how right you are – you clever son of a clever man!

‘Oh, you useless Wind
– I’m ashamed
I even considered you!’
said Farmer Somu
and he dragged his daughter along
to meet the mountain
and he said to the mountain:
‘Most Honored Mountain
I have heard of your strength
and so I have brought you Meena
who is the Prettiest.’

But the Mounatin replied:
‘Oh Sir, I am not deserving
of such a rare beauty
for the rat gnaws holes in my sides
and so is Stronger than I.’

And what do you think, dear son, says my father to me – what do you think Somu does next? And I reply quite impatiently: Somu takes his daughter to the rat? Exactly! Exactly! shouts my dad. Exactly, you brainy son of a brainy man!

And the Rat told Somu:
‘Alas, Sir
though your daughter
is most desirable
I cannot marry her
for the hyena is
far stronger than me
for he has eaten many of my family!’

And so they walk to the hyena, says my father to me. And what do you think Somu tells the hyena? And I reply: Oh hyena – marry my daughter for she is Prettiest and you are Strongest! And my father says: Oh you are right, boy! You are right – Oh you brilliant son of a brilliant man!

‘Sir Hyena
Most Revered Sir Hyena
do marry Meena
for she is Prettiest
and you the Strongest!’

And Sir hyena replied:
‘Ok. I ask for no dowry
just leave her with me
with no ceremony.’

And what do you think , asks my father, Somu did? And I reply: He left Meena with the hyena. And my father shouts excitedly: Oh, how right you are! How right you are! You clever child of a clever man.

And no sooner had Somu left
the hyena took Meena
to his cave
and he ate her all
skin and bone…
Ah what a tragic end;
what a horrid end…

And dear son, says my father to me, what is the moral of this story? Many, I say. But two are: Use your wits and stay alive. Never allow yourself to be dragged around. And my father jumps up and he is excited: Oh how right! How right! You brilliant son of a brilliant father!
And he turns to my mother who has joined us at the courtyard and he says:
See how clever our son is – he knows all the answers! Such a brilliant son of a brilliant father!

And my mother’s retort is swift: It’s not that he’s brilliant or you either. You’ve told him this story a hundred times, you silly man! And it’s always the same words! And I would have kicked my father if I were Meena!
a folk-tale I heard when I was a child
Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginnings is a glance and whose ending is eternity! Don't marry for ***, don't marry because you are of age, don't marry because you are getting old, don't marry because you are lonely, don't marry because you need someone to support you financially, don't marry because you mistakenly got pregnant, don't marry because you don't want to lose the person, don't marry because of family pressures, don't marry because you like the idea of marriage and admire every wedding gown you see, don't marry because all your friends are getting married. But get married because you want to fulfil your destiny. Get married because you want to be a help mate. As a man, get married because you want to fulfil your purpose. The devil's primary target is the family. He knows that everyone belongs to a family and if he can make two wrong people meet then he has succeeded affecting the community and nations negatively. Ignore your age and the pressure for a moment, the pressure in a wrong marriage is far worse. God has somebody for you but you must set your priorities right. What do you need in a woman? What do you need in a man? Marriage is not about what you want, it is about who you need, that will make you better while you make him better. It is about destiny. God will help you in choosing, please let His will be done in your life Amen. And may the wrong person be disconnected away from your life in JESUS NAME. With faith Type Amen and claims. .
Quentin Briscoe Oct 2012
I really want to marry her...
But they say the more the merrier....
So I grab as much junk as I can maybe that will make me happier...
But All I really want is to marry her...
But I spent all my money on some junk...
that was finely pack inside a trunk...
Thinking that my little bit of bucks, finaly brought me luck...
but in my heart I want to marry her...
Society tells me bury her...
In pyrimads made for celopatra...
and ****** every woman that was created with her stature...
I'd be labled King...
With big bells that ding aling...
but all I get is singers that never sing, numbers that never ring...
But I do know a left hand thats looking for a ring..
And I just want to marry her...
Never seemed so scarrier...
I'd be giving up all this junk thats located in my area...
This pawned shopped ***** that i could get for cheap...
Goregous on the out side but the relationship is weak...
But see I found a strong bond, its bout time to cash in...
its like putting a penny up front and getting back a million...
See to me Love is wealth...
and being rich is in good health...
but if all i have is money...
then all this junk is pretty...
and I'll never find a diamond in the rough....
playing with all this stuff...
Cuz I really want to marry her..
.wake up everyday with her...
all I'll ever want is her...
Shes everything I need and more, and so with more then junk Im merrier...
I Marry Her...
Robyn  Sep 2013
I'd Marry You
Robyn Sep 2013
I would marry you
If I were older
If I were smarter
If I were prettier
I would marry you
If I could
Then I would
I'd marry you

Would you marry me
If I were older?
If I were smarter?
If I were prettier?
Would you marry me
If you could?
Cause I would
I'd marry you

— The End —