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stopdoopy Feb 2019
to leave little stains on your cheeks with my lipstick

to see how good you look marked up

your perfume upon my breath

so everyone knows who I'm with

tight hugs

slow dances

nights in autumn

cuddled up

just me and you angel

having a good time
melanie Mar 2018
You have forever marked me.
Leaving me ugly & wounded
Leaving me less than whole
Leaving me alone & cold.

I am scarred with a constant reminder
That you once loved me.

I hope that you don't return.
she was German

we couldn't see her face
but we couldn't help
but to admire

we couldn't see fear there


could it possibly be
because she was
Excuse me
veRy much

can we paint your hand rail
was she

just that much
Bret Jun 2017
Your lips kiss me black and blue.
Lucky for you,
that's when I feel prettiest.
Hailey McMullen Apr 2017
Your voice; a melodious tune
that replays itself in my head,
and as I watch you speak
the words dance off your lips
and linger onto mine...

Divine. That's what you are.
A being so rare, so bright, that
I am fortunate enough
to have crossed paths with you.

And though our paths may not
be intertwined, the thought of you
is burned into my mind.

You have left your mark
and I am scarred.
So beautifully scarred.
Cynthia Go Aug 2016
The words curled around her tongue
vanishing before she gets a taste of it
Her hands are inked with sentences
Her stomach are filled with phrases unknown
Every bit of her skin
Are marked with ancient lines
Four lines, five lines, six lines
And she lost count of the others on her back
They called it stanzas
From the World Before
When words were freely written and spoken
On things called books and papers
With an ink that must be the same
As the one inscribed on her soul.
She is an obscenity
A walking contradiction
A curse in the post human language era
As she bears all the words and languages of the world
So that all can see through her
The beauty that words can make
(Yet none can read nor understand)
Even though none can read nor understand.

She wears her soul on her skin.
Still, no one can read her.
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