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I want to study the universe,
I love it so much that it makes me happy when I think of it.
I get curious what's happening everyday.
Yes, I want to study the universe,
But I don't want to be an astronomer,
Because the universe that I want to study is Youniverse.
"I been calling your name in this universe. But I need no space, I got youniverse"-Namjoon from Heartbeat.
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

In awe of nature
high on its vigor
Shadows dancing through
dark forests of my mind
thunder breaks open the sky
lightning pours down from the heavens
with relieving sigh

I am struck down
by creational forces
the only god I need
cause she is none
Nature won't bow
there's no need
just go
run with its wild horses
Stop fearing
what was yours from the day
you were put in this earth
just like a seed

All is one
I am one and
I am all
I feel the storm
raging on
Inside me and
all around
Hold onto the winds
for I am bound
to this chance of living
and I am not afraid
of what nature is giving

This macrocosm
this moving world
the ground on which I'm standing
There's nothing in pain
no being can harm you
all will be overgrown
all enemies will eventually be slain
There's no need to hide
your darkness or your light

No, I promise, I won't
I won't be terrified
Diána Bósa Dec 2017
Already accepted that he is the one of his kind;
he is never going to happen again, though,
he has shed and shared too much blood
for keeping himself alive -
always on the still
I am the cosmonaut of his existence;
the explorer of his oneness
for he is the macrocosm of my blooming.
Nemsey Oct 2017
The moribund above, parasites, exacerbating the vessel
Devoid of aptitude, to feed the subterranean
The sorrow, the echoes of the dead and gone
The deteriorating 'aneath, futile trial to manifest
A chance on the crust, from the neverending captivity
Tales of a desperate past, told via the falling leaves
Dry and decay, parasite, exacerbating the vessel
...and the life far above and beyond!
No anchor, no way out, no life below.
Maybe it's the broken hourglass, time animosity
To rise with the rising steam, be one with the ether
Maybe it's nature's way of declaring extinction of my kind
Devolution, It's over on this plane!
Paul NP Sep 2016
His breath is a breeze with lungs that bellow the fire of his
senses or soul.
His veins are like vines that spread out like a growing tree.
His blood a river that nourishes his inner nations.
His eyes are like galaxies with black holes at center that
consume and expand on interest. The soft sand or soil of
his skin bear mineral within (bone).
He is composed of the same amount of water as the planet he indwells.
In him, neurons that harness the power of electricity.
They say nature vs. nurture yet nature nurtures us, and so we strive to nurture nature. Like the symbiotic nature of Mother and child.
And so we are nature in its many ways, the systemic nature of the universe.
Composed into one being.
Paul Butters Apr 2015
Thanks people for liking a poetic Story for a change. Here is the follow-up.

In Part One we visited the universe one hundred and ten trillion years after the Big Bang. Our hero Omega and his people escaped the last known dying red sun by becoming living spirits. Now they must embark on a remarkable journey... (By popular request)!

Omega and his associates flew faster than light. Up ahead there appeared a white pin-*****.

“A star!” exclaimed Omega.

“Not a star,” corrected Father, “It’s another universe!”

That tiny white gem grew into a globe, until it filled most of the “sky”.

Father: “Omega, you have a choice now. Most of our people are going on to that universe. To a new life. But some of us are going further first. We are going to take full advantage of this spirit form, and travel out as far as we can. We are going to try to discover the truth about Existence.”

Omega: “But how will you find your way back, Dad?”

Father: “We have established an unbreakable link with our people. When we have completed our quest we will follow that thread and return home. Are you up for it?”

Omega: “Of course. You only get a chance like this the once.”

Father: “Good. Let’s go.”

All the goodbyes were made and the two parties went their separate ways. For Omega, his odyssey began.

This time, they seemed to fly away even faster! Another “star” appeared. Then another, and another, until the whole “sky” was filled with a myriad of them.

Father: “Yes, son, you guessed: these are not stars but universes. We are somewhere in the middle of a Multiverse. And we are heading out!”

At some point Omega became aware that there was a “boundary” to the multiverse. That the multiverse was some vast globe of universes! Soon they were leaving that globe. Before long they were looking back at that circle his father called “The Multiverse”.

Then Omega became aware of another globe in the distance. As they moved away, this second globe looked much larger than the first. Like a sun and earth. But then other small spheres appeared: until there were eight of them orbiting that “sun”. Omega’s multiverse was the third of those eight from the “star”.

Father: “It’s an Oxygen atom, son!”

Omega: “What?”

Father: “That sun thing is the nucleus and its, er, planets are electrons. Two in the inner shell and six in the outer. Classic Oxygen.”

Omega: “Wow!”

They kept going. Soon they encountered more oxygen atoms as they sped away from their own “atom”. They also encountered countless Hydrogen “atoms”.

Father: “Water! We are in water! Lots of impurities though.”

Their pace seemed to multiply. Nevertheless it took ages. Eventually, however, they left what turned out to be a stream of water. Falling to some unknown ground. Slowly but surely, though, a “figure” materialised above them.

The realisation hit them all at once. Frozen in “time” before them was, a little lad having a *** behind some bushes! And both their old and "new" universes were somewhere within that stream of *****.

Father: “I think it’s time for us to return home, son.”

Paul Butters
Again influenced by HG Wells...
Nicole Bonomi Mar 2015
Strive not to understand me. Even I stopped doing that. I learnt that before I could understand me, I would be wise to first understand the macrocosm, for it is my grand reflection after all.

If I understand it, and you do too, then you will understand me, and me you.

— The End —