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Nemsey Jan 2019
Solitary Chapter II

O Hallowed quieten!
Adopt my flutter and absorb me
Unveil my attaint and abide in me
Establish a sanctuary,  in my grime
In the susurration of mine ministration
.... cleanse this aloofness
Make it my armour from foray
And my soul to you will belong
Nemsey Nov 2017
Dawn of Death
Reign of Ravens
Ether, deprived of life
Dawn of Death
A blind tale
Nemsey Oct 2017
RETo exist, I shape my gloom, like...
Cubes and Circles, forms of time
A Frail stand, staunch fortress reflect
I seek lone! steps take me further
But, an ironic approach upon despair
Replace my tears with shapes and fear
Yet, life circulates inside my veins...
My heart still beats...
I blink, an image at a time...
I blink, two shapes two deaths...
"Surrender... It's over, reject your all"
Stake, sanity, scratcHES! KeFUfFlES!
ECHO, ECho, Echo, NUMB.
Darker hour, feel nothing
Freed by slumber, from cumber
All plain and pacific, haven!
No shapes, deaths nor hearts to ache
Just life, staunch, replenishing from my tears
Attained repose, as beneath He rot!
Nemsey Oct 2017
The moribund above, parasites, exacerbating the vessel
Devoid of aptitude, to feed the subterranean
The sorrow, the echoes of the dead and gone
The deteriorating 'aneath, futile trial to manifest
A chance on the crust, from the neverending captivity
Tales of a desperate past, told via the falling leaves
Dry and decay, parasite, exacerbating the vessel
...and the life far above and beyond!
No anchor, no way out, no life below.
Maybe it's the broken hourglass, time animosity
To rise with the rising steam, be one with the ether
Maybe it's nature's way of declaring extinction of my kind
Devolution, It's over on this plane!
Nemsey Oct 2017
Accursed, this implications
Awareness, obliteration
Dusked, obscenity amid
Afar, consciousness afloat
Disconnected, via utterance
While I sleep.
Nemsey Feb 2016
I am this
And my peace
Hover around me
O Stay away
I am this
  Feb 2016 Nemsey
It blows me away
The coming of
Each and every day

Weather cold or paradise
I believe the souls
Holds light

I focus less on said afters
While in my heart
Echoes laughter

The warmth in eyes
Precious in the night
I so treasure living
I worship life...
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