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Elsie Greek Feb 28
Like what you see
In my headlines?
It's a spurring momentum
Of producing ideas
To leave out the baggage.
Lest it's hopelessly forgotten,
This insoluble one outwrites.

Maybe I'm neurodivergent
In the way anything goes
In my mind.
Take it in, scribble by scribble,
Loitering, flooding dispersion:
Scatter the notes outright.

Not yellow, nor black;
Some say, rosy-white.

Anything goes:
Gooey face,
Colourful umbrella.
Just break it in, be in your shoes
Until they're comfy,
Wear well,
Lastly, become second nature.
Embrace this spectrum,
It's wide.
On the spectrum and exploring it.
Elsie Greek Oct 2023
These latencies
Of mine and yours,
At an mph speed,
Can only drag so much.

Up-and-coming causes
Of committees without agencies
Of time and power,
It unfolds precariously.

It struck me that
There's no best way
To micromanage or multitask,
I cannot prioritize a world,
The common ground beneath a porcelain vase.

So, I'm here to reason
In the hapless flow and fluid blast.
Elsie Greek May 2023
Never wonder, my friend,
how life is,
what's there for us,
cutting through it:
just imagine.

I still turn it on early,
and reckon it's never too late
to put some things to bed
whenever their time is due.
Their habits or mine,
you say?
Some are too common
to share,
as we used to.

Now the rain is salty again,
and it's our common loss,
but it's nobody's shame.
Or reversed,
I'm confused..
Or it seems so,
if you dare to speak on it
in simpler words.

In fact,
I hear some kind of blues rock in loops
when I turn it on.
Hopefulness measured with helplessness
as an act of overlapping ruse.
But I've never searched
for this kind of music
which makes me feel bruised.
Coldness seeps through
old bones and dark minds,
and it's easy to get used to it.
Listen to it, and it can sway you too!
Hopeful still, but it drudges me more.
Elsie Greek Apr 2023
From us it virtually generates,
a vivid dictionary entry form
it mimicks.
Gets to assess/anticipate storm,
bypassing sabotage
with emulation at its core
It clicks with us.

If one were to create
this paravessel
subject to pitfalls so critical,
its snappy truths would mislead
A whole review
that's faster than a line to read.

Does it mean that
i owe you nothing,
i still may dwell
on my valuable ****** experience?

These patterns seem
an oxymoron:
Efficient yet alarming.
If one were to contemplate
so peculiar a world,
Full of next-gen era
outlandish jobs,
Be based on this extrapolation
let it not.

I carry substance,
Although disproportionately,
Which you might overuse,
misjudge, or subjugate.
They meddle with it,
the tech-savvy reptiles.
We may further copypaste
and carry no substance
other than what we had
disproportionately created.
Elsie Greek Mar 2023
The questions are tolerated
by your touch on the cheek,
my patting the lips
a lot.
Feels like ghosting
in public
on loop
even though making
logical chains
of bland lucrative words.
I am still needy for this
as if to dig gold,
but carefully try
to show it.
Whoop it up!
These south ethics
with no horizon
are lingering under your skin
when I let you worship
the parts of me
that can't be worthy
at all.
Elsie Greek Feb 2023
No exit explicit, no nothing.
Yet you made it outside,
burned too bright,
cast a spell.
A pigeon birdie stopped
by our window
bobbing of your passing
or else it was you
divested of your weights
before the flight.
You let us firm believe
we parted lightly,
if in the words we mouthed
or toasts of them frank
got to the wishing well.
As now remembering you,
you wanted our home an open house,
Us happily married and loving.
Elsie Greek Feb 2023
a quivering combust
from this disgrace:
in fuss speak low run fast
recover all you must
a key is now misplaced
them us them us
retaliate but never trust
the more you hate
the more to ask for
the more the less
My lines are there to scarcely read between them but all I can is hope you do the math.
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