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Elsie Greek Jun 11
Screens of no time,
Pixels and patterns,
Scrabble the lies into
Destiny. Create the leaflets:
New paths, better strategies,
Purposeful lives plagiarize
Meaningless deaths.
Idiocy research is plugged
Into this head full of disharmony,
While this heart is full by half of it.
What can I do with
Questions and appetites:
This imagination, the next century?
Probably accept that it's
Plundering my time.
Elsie Greek May 23
now it's time
to listen to the ***** of revolution
and shoot the doubt in the head.
no panic, rustic planning's smooshed 
into rampage during press junkets soaking wet.
now it's time
they are praying to the silence
as they move to set their bodies free,
set their spirits free with violence
as they leave our minds be.
if the doubts still prevail,
they might turn into a disco ball,
so bright and sublime,
that now it's time
it recovers the pulse
and the strengths of the crowds,
Inspo by an Arcade fire live show, so therapeutic.
Elsie Greek May 20
That is not a mild story,
She neglects it;
That's a sunken bittercup black.
Only what can be told;
Sip it up, never call her again.
Like a sign of approval
On your daily fetiches,
No sugar, skim right;
As you're taking it in, she can live with it.
Learn how affected one is
Under caffeine,
How it mingles with you,
Becomes your resting point.
Like it's when you wish
You could be dormant;
Only then she reciprocates.
Let it help her recapitulate
Your story:
Passage in sentences,
Words into syllables,
the dull infused with some glory.
Elsie Greek May 20
We slept shorter to so little
Working out ways making it up
To childish ourselves.
It still runs in our unruly family
Not to inflict pain; again,
Sometimes we talked to each other
In rapid sentences but longer silences,
Later —  in letters sent to justify them,
Recalling the yard full of brittle
Wine peonies planted by our mother:
They gushed so much like us.
Elsie Greek May 16
From now on I summon
My fugitive selves,
All at once to nuance
the stitches and shells.
Should they not be complete,
I will handle it.
In the darkest of nights
There's no way to keep
Unabated light,
But to brace my mean heart,
Tape it shut but somehow
Loose it into the wild.
There it goes:
Beastly wonderful storm
Through the hurdles of challenge;
They blazon them selves — yet another refrain of acceptance.
Spoken truth is an armour of gold,
But my only concern is to hold an opinion of selves,
as they matter.
After stitches are dealt with,
Mostly painfully sheer in their glory,
After shells are assumed
to be me: I'll summon the suit.
Pardon this free interpretation of the Marvel comic.  Still, an inspiring art piece makes it worthwhile to suggest any idea or subjective take on it.
Elsie Greek May 11
This news consoles
The heck of us,
In gestures strained imprints
On hearts.
They learned a daily bite
Of stats:
Us figured, scooped,
Against and fast.

Like that of spoons
Fed to the blind
By those dictators
Who still fly.
Plots hatching plots:
them aged and trite.
Like was it news to you?
Not in the slightest.
Elsie Greek May 8
What is your happening
How long is he in service
Where are your dearest
Has lost been found and returned to you?

These are the current affairs,
These are the questioning stares,
New temporary places for our woeful
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