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ever so gently.
in this room,
Not mine
filled with
morning light..

Though not seperated
by many miles,
I am
far away from
my home.

I keep telling myself
I can live there..
and I want to...

connections are deep and have been my focus..
Almost half of my years

Unconditional commitment
My life partner,
Once complete.
My love.. my precious one.
My dearest friend, my finest lover.

Created just for me.
Able to play my body
To a comfort unknown.

My Heart to rest
at last.

I dreamt of us
Left one man
Then two

To follow his scent
and found him.
Knew I would bear his daughters,

Knew without question ...
this Definition of Soul Mate

That once belonged to us.

Masked Voice May 2018
There's 50% chances you meet your soulmate and actually realize it.. but he/she cannot be your life partner.
There's an 80% chance that you get a life partner.. and make sure you make them your soulmate, coz that's what'll make your heart feel light and happy !
So, make that 50%, an 80% or make that 80%, a 100% .. haha ;)
Ayodeji M Jul 2017
Where are you?
Tell me you hear me
Show me your location
And let’s fast forward to that beautiful occasion
Relieving destiny of her duty
Merging as one
As we obstruct the balance of molecules in the universe
Taking our ordained position in this world
Listening to only our words
Losing touch with everything except each other
Making the carbon bonds in diamonds jealous of our union
Letting them watch from your finger
As we spend eternity together
Where are you?
If you can hear me
Show me
Is that you...
Who comes in my dreams,
Is that you...
Who brings smile on my face,
Is that you...
With whom I share my sorrows,
Is that you...
Who comforts me with your words,
Is that you...
Which is just My Imagination,
Is that you...
My LOVE...!!!
ryn Nov 2015
o                    oo
oo                       oo
ooo                       ooo
ooo                    ooo

eternity it
   seems like•dang-
ling your hook in the
sea of life•hoping for bre-
am, salmon or pike•one of
which would make the perfect
wife•many a fish in rivers and lakes
•plenty more awaiting in oceans and seas•
many would do whatever it takes • battling
the days' heat  and  nights' breeze • wishing
upon      many moonbeams•followed      by
•            the  passing of indifferent          •
sun-rays •waiting an
entire  lifetime
it seems
•just to
finally land
that coveted catch 
  of the                 day 
   •                           •

Concrete Poem 6 of 30

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Marlena R Sep 2015
old love like the lone porch light
on the dead end street
you've always known,
which flickers off & on
like blinking eyes.
She was always waiting...
Hiko zeRo-oNe Aug 2014
If you are alone
you belong entirely to yourself.
If you are accompanied
by even one companion
you belong only half to yourself
or even less in proportion
to the thoughtlessness of his conduct
and if you have more than one companion
you will fall more deeply into the same plight.
Count your self to live a happy life as happy as you can have.

— The End —