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Have you seen faded flowers in the night?
Where an unknown heart got burnt at moonlight.

Would they wrap pale sunlight?
Allowing petals to sneak into a treasure box.
She lay in her chamber in the sea mountain side..
Fire flame burns the window green...
Wooden floor danced on crystal glasses..
The wind rushes out of the cloud by night,
Stabbing and poking her, Madam Huang
Of those who were wiser than us---
Of many far talents than us---
Pray, neither for the angels in Heaven above
Nor the devil down under the tunnel
For the moon sunk in late November
Without interpreting her wonders, she left the sea bank,
Tears can ever dissolve her stories within the stories
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
When the stars have not risen,
They gather in the chamber by the sea.
A falling star shining in the far and burst,
a bolide flames transmitted Requiem finale.
Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
May the sky award true colours of the dying night.

Silent prayers are kneeling there, they seemed to share the shame
Prior to breathing out the crispy air of Late November.
She asked him once Her name.

Of the sorrowful Madam Huang
from the chamber in the sea mountain.
By Angel.XJ 23/11/2019
Besieging the circle of an above-ground fort for its light
The cold, sharp wave storms the lighthouse
Robust turret of stones in the middle of nowhere
Off La Rochelle or Le Finistère

And she, agitated, is indeed seavage!

Quietly approaching the canoe on sand
Hope of coconuts, hammocks in palm trees
This tropical land would come from a fable
Mix of lava and water, the Piton has risen!

And she, struck, flies in white vapors!

Reducing the life of country smugglers
She is often tombs of ill-fated Ulysses
How far away she seems, then, the boot of Italy,
For those who have left everything, dreaming of being born there!

And this crossing does not offer a visa!

Stifling pitifully under floating *******
The gray sea without corals is emptied of its life
Only the abyssal fish do not see how
On the surface, belugas find the time long!

And she, once a sanctuary, became compost!

Inspiring, from the foam, the writings of the poet,
Sea, Ocean Blue, Aegean and beautiful Seychelles,
Because without it, our life would have been so thin
In our inner worlds, its flow always calls back!

And she, stained, becomes crystalline again!

See in these painting our vital element
Exhausted, neglected by our great laziness
For it to be paradise and not only distress
Let's save the coastline, fragile like an opal!

Translated on November 2019
Originally in French
Blind Distance Aug 2019
The thick fog of the forgotten lands
pays tribute to the waste in the sand
as the seagulls scream at the top of their lungs
when the cold night falls and the waves start to bend

The magnified sound of angry horns
slowly rolls out from water to the shores
while the madmen watch their world come apart
prayers find home among the gods of the heart

One soul is lonely if nobody resonates
with the pain that is being felt at high sea
but a single lighthouse touches their faith
from behind curtains of despair and greed

A soldier it is in the blue countryside
this building that keeps on shining a light
withstanding the wrath of thunder and time
guarding the realm of men from the dark

So did the sailors set foot once again
their demons confined in the harsh winter rain
but the glass of the bottle is prone to break
for the ocean calls forever and the hardship prevails
Nigdaw Jun 2019
I love lighthouses;
Lonely, desolate, cold
Grown out of rocky outcrops
Designed by monolithic architects,
Where only ascetic souls can call home
Their light, a beacon in the darkness
To protect sailors from the smouldering sea,
And all her whiles and trickery
One lonely light, that shines out
Like faith, like hope, like love
So mariners will not plot a course
Into the shallow depths of death,
Book a room in Davy Jones’ Locker.
BeLoved Jun 2019
Loving you was like driving with a blindfold on.
I was reckless.
I wanted you to be my lighthouse
But little did I know your lights were out
They have been for some time now,
Maybe if I try hard enough she'll shine that neon light that first caught my sight
Maybe if I put her demons over mine maybe then she will shine.
Maybe then she'd be mine.
But over time you
You drained my energy
And stole my shine.
You had me looking at my reflection wandering if it were mine.
Lady Ravenhill Jun 2019
Stars float overhead
Lady lighthouse to starboard
She safeguards our soul

Haiku #104
@ladyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 104
Lyndsey Darden Jun 2019
I've been searching
Along this shore
In your ocean eyes
Lost, forevermore

Deep confidings
Wave after wave
Hidden treasures
I'm swept away

The massive billows
After every flux
Roll in and out
As a current *****

Its flowing waters
With the changing tide
My mind is steady
The blue waters rise

Isolated, alone
A brine in the breeze.
My lighthouse keeps searching
For your offing to appease
My soul
purple heart May 2019
when i had forgotten,
how the land felt like;
how unshakable & peaceful it felt like;
how the fertile earth smelled like;
how the water could never be like,

i saw the lighthouse,
the light which my eyes couldn't believe saw,
the  light which it believed had ceased to exist.

that's when it saw,
the unseen able.

the wanderer in me,
got a hope, a home, a keep
when i  saw
the lighthouse.
looking for a lighthouse, where my soul could find comfort and keep.
where it doesn't needs to be but still wants to be anyway.
Chris Saitta May 2019
Her eyes are the lighthouse of the Pharos,
Alexandrian, bronze-mirrored fire flung round
The gloaming coastal sorrow like sand-glittered spears.

Her praying mantis limbs of light,
Sever-poised for needlepoint strike
At the jeweled glint of wings in dim, rare-seen limits,
Now one with her rasping sea of scarab beetle husks.
Mysidian Bard May 2019
I was there when darkness
was all you ever knew.
So black it was; the night,
that your shadows left you too,

but then across the horizon
a beacon's match did strike,
and burned a path right through the dusk
to end your lonely nights.

Years flew by in blinks of an eye
and long gone are those days;
but still despite, I kept the light
that watched you drift away.

Forever my heart will be your guide
so that you never sail alone,
and if you're ever feeling lost
you'll know the way back home.
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