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Asyura Sep 11
You deserve to be loved gently
But I’m a tough lover darling.
You deserve to be loved gently,
Like the ripples of the sea
Caressing the sand with its fingertips.
I am the billowing waves and hurricanes,
Crashing against the rocks over and over again.
You deserve warmth,
Like the soft crackles of a fireplace.
I am the frost upon your face,
The icicle dangling on the tip of your nose,
The chills creeping through your clothes.
You deserve comfort,
Like a mother’s lie and chicken soup.
I unveil haunting dark truths,
For, I am but a liar.
Therefore, I cannot provide you with the things you desire,
But I know you’ll replace me with another.
Asyura Sep 2
Don’t pluck me.
Don’t stomp on me.
For, I’m meant to be loved from afar
Not stuffed into a jar.
Water me and watch me bloom instead.
Greet me when you wake up and before you go to bed.
Talk to me when you’re feeling blue
And I’ll be there to comfort you.
Talk to me about the things that make you happy,
And the things that keep you at ease.
Admire my beauty,
But don’t touch me, please.
I’m delicate to the touch,
And I’m afraid yours is a little too much.
I’m a flower, I’m not meant to be picked,
Only to be crushed, and die at your fingertips.
But if it is my time,
please let me go. Send me off so you can mourn.
Don’t try to save me, your attempts will be futile.
Don’t change my soil or water me anymore.
After all I’m merely a flower, I was never meant to be yours.
Asyura Sep 2
The sand crunched beneath my feet
As I made my way towards the cold sea,
Burning with a passionate desire
To immerse myself in its waters so clear.

A sea of cerulean blue engulfs me
But he leads me to serenity.
He untangles my thoughts, strand by strand,
And puts me to sleep right back again.
Asyura Jul 3
The moon glistens,
Its light seeping through my curtains,
Illuminating my room ever so gently.
I took in the beauty of simplicity,
And for that mere whimsical second,
I felt nothing but bliss and tranquility.
In the state of being solitary,
And out of sheer curiosity,
I clutched the key and unclasped my lock-box of memories.
Jet black wisps scrambled out,
They grapple me by the throat
and silence my shouts.
They claw at my hair and throttle me about.
With bare hands, they ripped my heart out
Mutilating it without mercy.
My arms-- restrained
I felt nothing but pain.
With their bare hands,
They returned the scraps of my heart and whatever remained
back into my hollow chest,
before leaving little kisses upon my forehead.
They wiped my teary eyes and waved me goodbyes.
They put me to bed and immediately fled.
They tucked me in, in extreme unbearable agony,
And left, in forms of bittersweet memories.
Memories haunt me like ghosts with unfinished business on this earth
Asyura Jun 12
I’ve been used so much,
That the words “I love you”
Seem like nothing but lies.
Will you love me for me,
Or will you love me lust?
Will you crave me because you need me
Or because you need mere company?
I’m not unappreciative, I promise
But surely it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more wary
To hurt is inevitable,
And to be hurt is certainly unavoidable.
I’ve been hurt far too often,
That my heart isn’t broken
Instead it has been left in shatters.
Pieces too dangerous to be picked
And too small to be fixed.
To utter those three words seem so easy,
but to mean it is much harder than you'd think.
I'm afraid of the things that might happen. I wonder if this will be worth the risk.
Asyura Jun 9
I'm afraid of I love yous
because some of them turn into goodbyes too.
Asyura May 29
They said Love was blind,
but they never said she was stupid.
Love exacerbates naivety.
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