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  Mar 2020 Asyura
If you can love the wrong person that much,
Imagine how much you can love the right one •
The day I moved on with love for myself. Knowing I’m worth it more than crying over someone who doesn’t value you but guess what let’s just appreciate that. :)
Asyura Mar 2020
I start my morning with a cup of coffee,
worth 2 servings, but all meant for me.
Then I’d go to the bathroom,
capacious for 2, but occupied by one only.
Water overflowing the tub
And I, submerged in seclusion and suds.
I still had time to spare
so I waited till the clock striked ten,
and made my bed again.
King sized, vacant without his Queen.
Once done, I’d proceed with my daily routine.
I work from home,
For, I’m an artist you see.
So lonely, I paint women
for company.
Asyura Feb 2020
So tell me dear iceberg,
how did you break a ship,
but melt at a man’s touch.
I used to be cold with major trust issues
yet I’ve shattered my walls for love.
How did I do it? I have absolutely no idea.
Asyura Feb 2020
I ask if you’re okay
only to get an answer the next day.
Did I say something wrong?
What did I do?
Why the wait for just the truth?
I’ve let my walls down, just for you.
But I go to sleep wondering,
did you do the same for me too?
  Jan 2020 Asyura
You know what hurts the most?

To be just friend with someone whom you truly love.
Asyura Dec 2019
Am I writing for my passion,
or for the numbers and figures?
Do I write for the hidden emotions,
or anticipating for eulogized comments and opinions?
I used to write out the things I feel, but why am I concerned about what people think?
Asyura Dec 2019
The thought of you lingers in my mind,
craving for your touch, your lips on mine.
Fingers dancing on my thighs.
Goosebumps upon my skin,
bruises on both my knees.
Your hands around my neck,
an experience I’ll never forget.
Keep my arms pinned, and kiss my every inch,
For darling, you’re my all time favorite sin.
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